Painting by Borovikovsky “Portrait of Catherine Nikolayevna Arsenyeva”

Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky – Russian artist of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries. an unrivaled master of portraiture. Among the famous canvases there are ceremonial portraits: “Portrait of Prince AB Kurakin, Vice Chancellor”, “Portrait of Paul I in White Dalmatics”, in which the artist pays attention to the citizenship, dignity and nobility of the people he portrays. Even greater popularity and love is enjoyed by his canvases, in which we see female images embodying the ideals of the beauty of their modernity: Portrait of EA Naryshkina, Portrait of MI Lopukhina, Portrait of Sisters AG and V G. Gagarins “. A special charm, attractiveness and moral purity is the painting by VL Borovikovsky “Portrait of Catherine Nikolayevna Arsenyeva”,

The heroine of this painting was Ekaterina Nikolaevna Arsenyeva, the maid of honor of Empress Maria Feodorovna, the eldest daughter of the participant in the assault of Izmail, Major-General

ND Arsenyev. In the portrait we see a young, flirtatious and charming girl with soft features of a snow-white face that are typical of Russian women.

Looking at the picture, you understand that before us – a cheerful, kind-hearted girl with a cheerful nature. From the portrait we see mischievous, flirtatious eyes. The snub nose of the girl is slightly upturned. On cheeks a light blush. Scarlet lips smile cheerfully and cheerfully. Thin eyebrows slightly raised. A snow-white open forehead is adorned with curls of blond hair, which drop off painfully and on shoulders. On the head of a young lady’s maid of honor – a small straw hat, elegantly shaped, with ornaments made of weaving straw with a pigtail, a bunch of ears and an elegant bow that can be seen from the side.

The figure of E. N. Arsenyeva is slightly turned. This is emphasized by the back of the shawl. Ekaterina Nikolayevna is dressed in a snow-white dress, made of light air fabric, decorated with golden ribbons and pearly beads. The dress gives the image of the girl lightness and airiness. On snow-white hands of Catherine Nikolaevna.

– a bracelet of three rows of pearls. Ornaments were made by Borovikovsky freely, using purely pictorial means. The artist does not resort to excessive detail. In the other hand Arsenyeva holds a yellow-green apple, which is considered a symbol of Aphrodite. The left hand of Catherine Nikolayevna is closed with a shawl of emerald color, which is in harmony with the green foliage, located in the background of the picture. VL Borovikovsky considered the landscape to be very significant, therefore most of his portraits were executed against the background of nature. The canvas was not an exception. To the right of the girl is a light brown tree trunk with a fluffy green crown, to the left is seen a piece of green vegetation. A little higher up behind the girl is a gray-blue sky, covered with clouds and brightening somewhere in the distance.

VL Borovikovsky performed his painting “Portrait of Catherine Nikolayevna Arsenyeva” in warm golden, pink and light blue tones. All colors shimmer and sparkle. The whole portrait seems to be enveloped in a light haze. This creates a sense of space and air, the volume of the image. The artist talentedly grasped the mood of his heroine, managed to convey her character, the fullness of feelings and emotions. The image of the young maid of honor turned out very believable, full of movement and life. “Portrait of Catherine Nikolayevna Arsenyeva” VL Borovikovsky critics consider one of the most highly artistic of his works, which is distinguished by poetry.

Studying the canvas depicting a young girl, we get acquainted with people of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. But the main thing is that the picture radiates beauty, kindness and cheerfulness, improves mood. Naughty and genuine gaiety, which are felt in the nature of the girl, make you involuntarily smile, and sincere feelings are beyond time and space.

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Painting by Borovikovsky “Portrait of Catherine Nikolayevna Arsenyeva”