Composition on Vasnetsov’s painting “Kashchei the Immortal”

In the picture by Vasnetsov “Koshchei the Immortal” we see Koshchei himself and the beautiful princess, imprisoned. Obviously, the old man stole the girl and invited her to marry him. As you can see, the princess does not give him consent, Koshchei is disgusted with her, because she does not even look at him.

The villain looks terrible and unpleasant. His face is ugly, his eyes are bulging, and his gray, shaggy hair hangs ugly. The appearance of Koshchei the Immortal reflects the essence of this literary character: he is old, evil, cunning.

The artist painted Koshchei’s den in gloomy tones to emphasize his evil character. The room is dark, uncomfortable. But at the same time we see that the old villain is rich: chests with gold everywhere, luxurious clothes.

The image of the young princess serves as an excellent contrast to Koshchei. The features of her face are soft and round, the skin is white and tender, the girl is young and beautiful. If you carefully consider the eyes of the girl, then in her glance you can see the hope of deliverance.

Although the picture depicts the tragic moment of a fairy tale, viewers know that a happy ending will soon come. Koschey will be defeated, because good always overcomes evil.

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Composition on Vasnetsov’s painting “Kashchei the Immortal”