Painting Serov “Portrait of A. V. Kasyanov”

Among the most famous Russian artists is a talented man Serov Valentin Alexandrovich. He belonged to the artists of the Wanderers, who drew their inspiration in folk life and traditions. But many art connoisseurs know this artist precisely from his portraits. There is in his arsenal of the work “Portrait of A. V. Kasyanov.”

Kasyanov Alexander Vasilievich was a Moscow businessman and had a share in the company operating in the Far East, “Churin and Co.” Also Alexander Kasyanov was engaged in charity and collected works of art. He spent his last years in China.

In the picture we see the conceived and at the same time the stern face of Kasyanov. He sits on a chair, with one hand leaning on his back. He wears a strict black suit and a white shirt. It can be seen how the chain from the watch hangs from the pocket of his jacket. One hand on his lap, and the second he holds some papers. The engagement ring is clearly drawn on the ring finger of the right hand. Eyes are looking somewhere into the distance. Glasses are held at the tip of the nose. The lips are closed together and are hugged by a long mustache. A tall and broad forehead ends with a thick mop of dark hair.

The color scheme is not very multicolored. Mostly brown and black are predominant. The background is a bit blurry, you can only see the silhouettes of the pictures hanging on the wall. This color solution gives the picture austerity and seriousness, like the hero himself.

The person in the portrait is no longer young, but still not old. He is already at the age when he achieved a lot and knows the value of labor. His face is covered with wrinkles, but they do not age him, but give the person a maturity. He has some inner power, which was so wonderful to convey to the author. For some time the painting was in the Tretyakov Gallery, but was later transferred to the Tomsk Art Museum, where it is now.

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Painting Serov “Portrait of A. V. Kasyanov”