Painting by Kiprensky “Portrait of Alexander Pushkin”

Painting by Kiprensky “Portrait of Alexander Pushkin”

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin deservedly called the Sun of Russian poetry. And this is how we see it on the shoe of Orest Kiprensky’s work. This artist had the glory of one of the best portrait painters, and that is why Anton Delvig ordered to depict his friend – the great poet AS Pushkin.

Contemporaries found that rubbing is quite realistic. The poet is depicted in a frock coat and a cloak draped over one shoulder. That’s how young people dressed in fashion. But the lighting in the picture is chosen in such a way that it is not the clothes that stand out most clearly, but the head of Pushkin. His face is shining, it is marked with a seal of inspiration. It seems that the poet is considering a new poem.

At the same time in the face of the poet there is an alarm,

it is noticeable through tightly compressed lips. The poet’s look is rather sad, he does not read serenity. But in all position there is submission and calmness. This can be seen by the graceful arms crossed on the chest.

It is impossible not to notice the figure of the muse in the corner of the portrait. A bronze statuette is in the hands of a lyre. This is exactly the muse that Pushkin has repeatedly mentioned in his poems. Kiprensky wanted to show that the poet and his inspiration are never separated.

Since the portrait was written during the life of a genius, there was information about how the poet himself appreciated him. Pushkin found that the artist embellished his appearance. However, the talent of a true portraitist does not consist in conveying all facial features with photographic precision, but in depicting the spiritual world of man. Therefore, after many centuries and years, we see how Pushkin is inspired, how his face shines with illumination. Kiprensky brought to posterity exactly what we need to know about the great Russian poet. After all, to judge how Pushkin looked, we can only by his portraits. The rest is in verse and prose of genius.

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Painting by Kiprensky “Portrait of Alexander Pushkin”