Painting by Korovin “Winter”

Impressionist Konstantin Korovin still had enough ill-wishers and admirers during his lifetime. And all because one of the first has become so fully use the techniques of recreating on canvas not illusory pictures, but real life. His works find echo in the souls of admirers, please the hearts, fill the audience with life-giving energy.

So the picture “Winter”, at first glance, rustic, but so cozy, homely, its own. And only a small house, and an old hedge are depicted on it, and a horse harnessed to a sledge is put on the foreground. But how skilfully and professionally I placed the composing parts on the canvas by the author.

A hut with a fence, creating a closed space, is fenced off from everything remote and superfluous, leaving the most needed and expensive nearby. And the horse, with its dark spot right in the middle of the canvas, underscores the regularity of life and the settled way of life in this house with its calm expectation.

It’s winter

in the yard. It is enough to take a glance at the canvas, and it becomes clear that this is not a severe January, and not even February with a blizzard and drifts. Konstantin Korovin depicted the snow in such a way that we feel the thaw in the air and the inevitable approach of spring. The viewer can see with a naked eye that the snowball is friable, melted.

Why the impression is created, how the artist managed to recreate the structure of the snow cover, characteristic of the last stage of winter, we, ordinary mortals, can not understand. So we will rejoice that such talents lived on the earth, we will pay tribute to them.

So accurately creating a familiar portrait of the terrain, Korovin tries not mechanically to transfer to the canvas what he has seen, he knows the surrounding nature and the soul of the person himself. And we, observing, it would seem, the usual rural situation, when the peasant harnessed his obedient horse and went into the house before leaving, we are visiting him. Tranquility and confidence are blowing from this court, there is no tension here, no fuss.

That was the way of the peasant way of life, a hardworking peasant with a sense of dignity, with good reason, with the arrangement proceeded to any business. For this, both the landlord and the boyars respected the real master. A humble courtyard does not look like a luxury, but there is no desolation here either. Such was the real life in the Russian villages of the late nineteenth century, such a saw it and brought to us by a great artist.

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Painting by Korovin “Winter”