Painting by Repin “Portrait of Mussorgsky”

In the painting, the artist portrayed the famous composer Mussorgsky. According to historical data, it is known that the portrait was painted in 1881, for several sessions. It is known that at the time when the portrait was being drawn, the composer was mortally ill and was treated in the Nikolaevsky military hospital. Many critics consider this portrait one of the best works of this artist, since in their opinion, the portrait is notable for its vitality.

The great composer is painted on a portrait in a dressing gown and in my opinion not combed. His view is very serious, but I can not imagine what the composer can think about at that moment. Most likely the artist tried to convey to us that despite his deadly ill, the composer tries to look good, although at it it turns out with difficulty.

And I do not want to condemn Moussorgsky for his external, maybe not quite neat appearance. I respect his creativity, and even more so if a person knows that he is mortally sick, then he is more likely to cause sympathy than condemnation.

This portrait, recognized by the author and came to one opinion that Repin created a complete image of the composer, and managed to convey to his spectators the character of this strong and strong-willed person, through many small details and details. Looking at the picture, we immediately reveal its essence.

According to well-known critics, the technique of writing used by the author in a portrait is complex, but by the same token, it retains many details important to the viewer. The canvas is made in light, light and transparent color. And if you approach the picture, you can see that the shape of the face, the line of clothing is made in a broad brushstroke. I certainly liked this picture, although it is sad to realize that we do not see happiness in the eyes of the composer. However, we still have a strong personality who can be proud of the fact that his life was lived for good reason.

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Painting by Repin “Portrait of Mussorgsky”