There is in my heart that which is immortal

The autumn day was late. A pale ray peered out from behind a gray veil and fell to the ground with a cold drizzle.

No wind, no sun. Only fog.

“Morning is like an evening,” the girl noted thoughtfully and closed the book.

Due to illness Lesja Ukrainka had to travel a lot. Crimea, Italy, Egypt, Georgia…

“The sea is strewn with black heavy velvet…” – as a skilful artist sees a poet, finding many new shades of the sea element. But neither the sun, nor the sea, nor the exotic nature could replace Lesya Ukrainka with the misty dawns of its native land, which called it, like a bird, from a warm edge:

I still have a
thought for you, Miy zapapascheny, neschasniy edge.
I’ll guess you,
In the breasts, I tighten my throats, I regret the guinea.

Since childhood in Lesin’s imagination lived Mavka and Perelesnik, Mermaid and Water, Marishche and Share, He who tears the dam, and Lesovik.

One day, listening to a fairy tale about the forest girl Mavka, little Larissa Kosach was surprised: it turns out that forest creatures do not know death; like trees, they fall asleep in the winter, and in the spring they again wake up.

“If people had such a fate,” the girl dreamed.

– People in life are given a great test, – explained my mother. – Who, like Mavka, will carry the spark of love through all obstacles and temptations, will not exchange it for any jewelry, he will receive in reward immortality. But for this, a person must be strong.

How often the girl then remembered her mother’s words. How difficult was her trial! The unbearable pain that starts claws at the very heart… But when pain and despair clenched his throat and tears were about to roll out of his eyes, Mavka appeared, and with her a smile on the pale face:

Yak ditinoju, buvalo,
Upadu, sobi on dashingly,
That hoch in serce bіl reaching,
I sobi got up quietly. “SHCHO, to hurt?” –
I was fed by Ale, I did not admit –
I’m very proud of the bull, –
Schoob did not cry, I saw.

All her life, keeping the song in the heart of Mavkin, Lesya Ukrainka wrote poems and melodies, her poetry expanded the horizons of the Ukrainian word, enriched her native culture, translated the best works of world literature into Ukrainian, sought together with Mavka to the top of glory – to immortality.

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There is in my heart that which is immortal