“The feat of the people is immortal”

The feat of the people is immortal What do we lose? We are even higher than death. In the graves, we formed into a detachment, And we are waiting for the order of the new, And let them not think that they do not hear the dead, When the descendants say about them. B. MayorovTheme of the Great Patriotic War – an unusual topic. Unusual, because it is written about the war so much that there is not enough of a whole book, if you recall only the names of the works. The date of May 9 fills the hearts with pride for the feat of the multinational Soviet people who won the battle against fascism and sadness: millions of sons and daughters of the Fatherland have always remained in their own and alien lands.

Unusual, because it never ceases to excite people, taking old wounds and soul with a heartache. Unusual, because memory and history in it have merged. I, like all my peers, do not know the war. I do not know and do not want war. But even those who perished did not want it, not

thinking about death, that they will not see any more sun, grass, leaves, or children. Those five very young girls did not want war either! The book by Boris Vasilyev “A dawn here quiet” shocked me to the depths of my soul.

Rita, Zhenya, Lisa, Galya, Sonya are those five girls who have entered into an unequal struggle with the fascists. All of them are very close to me, in each of them I find a little from myself. I do not even know which one is closer to me. They are all so different, but so similar. Rita Osyanina, strong-willed and gentle, rich in spiritual beauty.

She is the most courageous, fearless, strong-willed, she is a mother. Zhenya Komelkova – cheerful, laughable, beautiful, mischievous to adventurism, desperate and tired of the war, from pain and love, long and painful, to a distant and married man. Sonya Gurvich – the embodiment of a student-honors pupil and poetry – “a beautiful stranger”, published from the volume of A. Blok’s poems. Lisa Brickin. “Ah, Lisa-Lizaveta, you should study!

“I would like to study, see the big city with

its theaters and concert halls, its libraries and art galleries.” And you, Lisa. “The war prevented you from finding happiness, not listening to lectures: you did not have time to see everything that you dreamed of! , and not grown up, ridiculous and childish awkward childish girl. Notes, escape from the orphanage and also dreams.

Become a new Love Orlova. None of them had time to realize their dreams, just did not have time to live their own lives. Everyone’s death was different, as were their destinies: Rita had an effort of will and shot in the temple, Zhenya was desperate and a bit reckless (she could hide and remain alive, but she did not hide); Sonya has a dagger in her heart; at Gali – as painful and helpless as herself, at Liza – “Ah, Lisa-Lizaveta, did not have time, could not overcome the quagmire of war”. And the foreman Vaskov, about whom I have not yet mentioned, remains alone. Alone amidst misfortune, torment, one with death, one with three prisoners. Is it one? Five times his strength now. And what was better in him, human, but hidden in the soul, everything suddenly opened up, and that he experienced, he felt for himself and for them, for his girls, his “sisters”.

Why is this so? They do not have to die, they have to give birth to their children, because their mothers are they! “Tears are inevitable when they read these lines, but we must not only cry, we must remember, because the dead do not leave the life of those who loved them. grow old, remain forever young in the hearts of people. In this book the theme of the war is turned by that unusual side, which is especially acute, for we are all used to combine the words “men” and “war,” and here women, girls and war.

And these girls got up in the middle of the Russian land: forests, marshes, lakes, – against an enemy, strong, hardy, well armed, merciless, who by the number of them far exceeds them.

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“The feat of the people is immortal”