Moscow is the heart of Russia

Moscow is the heart of Russia, the capital of a powerful state. Eight centuries have passed since the first time in the pages of the ancient Russian chronicle the name of Moscow was named. In 1147, the chronicler noted the meeting in Moscow of Vladimir-Suzdal prince Yuri Dolgoruky with his allies – Chernigov princes. This historic fact was the beginning of a great life in Moscow, the centuries-old history of which, as in focus, reflected the history of the Russian people.

In 1156, Prince Yuri Dolgoruky built a fortress – the Moscow Kremlin. Its first walls were wooden, and stone towers and walls were erected in the XIV-XV centuries. The modest beginning of Moscow in the middle of the 12th century did not seem to foreshadow its great future. Man, however, has long known a convenient for settlement steep hill, rising between the Moscow River, Neglinnaya and Yauza. Here, as the findings show, merchants who used river roads for communication between the Baltic and the

Caspian countries have long stopped. The ancient burial grounds and fortifications scattered on the territory of Moscow and its environs are mute monuments of its even more distant past, from which no written news has survived. But the edge began to revive only in the XII century due to the increase in the Russian population.

As a fortified point, located near the border of the possessions of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality, Moscow guarded the path from the southern steppes to the Oka-Volga interfluve. In the early 13th century it became the capital of a small “specific” principality. A little more time passed, and a hurricane of Mongol-Tatar invasion swept over Moscow, as well as over the entire Russian land. Moscow had a desperate resistance to the hordes of Batu and was turned into a pile of ashes, but it was impossible to kill it forever…

… If you enter the territory of the present Kremlin through the Trinity Gate, then to the right you can see the modern monumental building – the Kremlin Palace. It was built in 1961. International congresses, ceremonial meetings, concerts

and arts festivals are held here.

Not far from the Spassky Tower is the Grand Kremlin Palace. Next to this palace is the oldest museum of the country – the State Armory Chamber. The museum contains treasures of Moscow princes and Russian tsars, unique collections of Russian ancient weapons, precious dishes, works of decorative art. In the lower floor of the building – a permanent exhibition “Diamond Fund of Russia”. Here you can see ancient jewelry, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones.

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Moscow is the heart of Russia