Summary “The Heart of a Dog” by Bulgakov

Summary “The Heart of a Dog” by Bulgakov

The action of Bulgakov’s story “The Dog’s Heart” takes place in Moscow. Winter of 1924-25.

In the big house on Prechistenka there lives and conducts patients’ reception Professor Philip Philipovich Preobrazhensky. He lives and works in an apartment, where there are seven rooms, which can not fail to pay attention to “zhilotovarchestvo”, carrying out a seal in the house. The chairman of the housing association Shvonder comes to the professor and demands the release of two rooms. But the professor calls one of his patients, who holds a high post (and the professor has many such patients, since he is engaged in rejuvenating a person by transplanting the glands of animals), and he gives the command to leave the professor alone.

During lunch

with assistant Ivan Arnoldovich Bormental, the professor expresses his dissatisfaction with the devastation, which, in his opinion, is based “in the heads” of the new government.

The professor conceived an experiment for the sake of which he finds on the street a mongrel dog with a burnt side. He instructs the dog to his housekeeper Zina. Two weeks later, the professor, along with Bormental assisting him, performs an operation in which he transplants the glands of the internal secretion of a man named Klim Chugunkin. Klim was killed by a knife in a tavern, he was 25 years old, and he played a balalaika. Immediately after surgery, the professor thinks that the dog has died, but this is not so – Sharik not only did not die, he gradually began to turn into a man.

Three weeks later, instead of a dog, the professor has a man of small stature who speaks well, smokes and swears with a mat. And from the former Sharik was only the habit of chasing cats, than Sharikov (this is the name chosen by this person for himself) and is engaged. In addition to the name, he also picked up a name – Polygraph Polygraphovich, finding this combination in the calendar, and also demanded from the professor to fix his documents and register him in the apartment. Bormental tries to teach Sharikov good manners, but it’s

useless – the genes of his donor, Klim Chugunkin, “wake up” in Sharikov, and he starts playing balalaika, singing and dancing at a meeting devoted to the experiences of the professor.

The professors congratulate all with success, but he himself is not satisfied with the results of his experience. He tells Bormental that he has achieved that the cute dog has become a man, and the most vile of existing people.

One day, Sharikov brings to the professor a document issued by Shvonder, which states that Sharikov is entitled to one room in the professor’s apartment. Then he shows the certificate, where it says that he works as the head of the sub-department for cleaning the city of Moscow from stray animals. And to top it off, he leads a girl into the house, claiming that he will live with her in this apartment. When the professor tells the girl about who Sharikov is, she cries and says that Sharikov told her that the scar on his head is the result of a wound in a fight.

A day comes when one of his patients comes to the professor and brings a denunciation written by Sharikov, which says that the professor is conducting counter-revolutionary speeches at home. The professor calls Sharikov and tells him to get out of his apartment. In response, Sharikov pulls out a revolver. A few minutes later Bormental locked the doors to the apartment, cut the wire of the bell and closed with the professor in the observation room.

It takes 10 days. An investigator arrives in the apartment to the professor with a search warrant and with the accusation of professor Preobrazhensky and doctor Bormental in the murder of citizen P. P. Sharikov. In response, the professor at first can not understand who Sharikov is, and then “remembers” that it is possible, that dog who participated in his experiment. He assures the investigator that the dog is alive, and shows him a very strange dog, which first goes on two hind legs, then rises to four, then rises again to two and sits down in a chair. The investigator loses consciousness. Two months later. Sharikov again became a peaceful dog Sharik, but now he lives not in the street, but in the apartment of the professor.

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Summary “The Heart of a Dog” by Bulgakov