The “cold heart” of Hauf in summary

The poor coal miner from the Black Forest, Peter Munch, “a small clever man”, began to be uneasy with the low-profit and, it seems, not at all an honorable craft inherited from his father. However, from all ideas, when suddenly he got a lot of money, he did not like any one. Remembering the old legend about the Glass Man, he tries to summon him, but forgets the last 2 lines of the spell. In the village of woodcutters, he is told a legend about Mihel the Giant, who gives wealth, but requires a large fee for them. When Peter finally remembered the whole text of the Glass Man’s call, he met Mikhey, who at first promised wealth, but when Peter tried to escape, he threw it at him with his own purse. Fortunately, Peter ran to the border of his farms, and the boat crashed, and the snake, which was turned into one of the chips that had flown away from the bagger, killed a huge wood grouse.

It turned out that it was not a wood grouse at all, but a Glass Man. He promised

to fulfill 3 desires, and the guy wanted to dance well, always have in his pocket as much money as the richest man in their city, a glass factory. The third wish, the Glass Man, disappointed with so much material desire, advised to leave “for later”, but gave money for the opening of the plant. But the plant was soon launched by Peter, and spent all the time at the gaming table. Once, Tolsto Ezekiel did not have money in his pocket, and Peter turned out to be nothing. Mikheil the Giant gave him a lot of ringing coins, but in return took his living heart, and put a stone in his chest.

But the money did not bring happiness to Peter with a cold heart, and after he struck his wife Lisbeth, who served a cup of wine and a loaf to the passer-by, and she disappeared, the time of the third desire came: Peter wanted to regain his warm heart. The Glass Man taught him how to do it: the guy told Mikhey that he did not believe that he had taken his heart, and that he had put it back for testing. The brave Munch, whose hot heart was harder than the stone, did not fear the Giant, and when he sent the elements to him

one by one, an unknown force brought Peter out of Micah’s domain, and the giant himself became small like a worm.

When he met the Glass Man, Munch wanted to die to end his shameful life, but he brought his mother and wife instead of the ax. The elegant house of Peter burned down, there was no wealth, but there was a new one on the site of the old father’s house. And when Munkov had a son, the Glass Man gave his last gift: the picked up Peters in his forest of lumps turned into brand new thalers.

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The “cold heart” of Hauf in summary