For nature in the answer everyone

Mavka! Give me happiness to tenderness to me

To the flower and to the herbs –

To all living things on earth!

From its today’s distant, which is marked by the black happenings of nuclear tragedies, the suffering of the great Baikal and many small polluted rivers of Ukraine, I mentally turn to you, the lightest incarnation of nature, Mavka!

But will you understand our human language? After all, you are a child of the forest! And therefore I write to you the first spring flowers, green grass, a sad whisper of willow branches. Clear, with deep green eyes, long braids in a wreath of wildflowers, you call a birch your sister, you know in the forest every branch, you feel the pain and joy of a small blade of grass. And so it is to you that I ask you – no, with a plea: “Save us from the ecological misfortune – the ills of our souls. Take people great love and affection for everything alive. Let the greatest holidays we will have not the

Day of beer, but the Spring Festival a starling song, the first snow day, the triumph of falling autumn leaves! “

I know you once used to come to people. The best color of your heart was the love of man. You boldly entered the world of people, extended their green trembling hands. And your love sounded in the heart of the man Lukas in response music. But not for long. In his soul won the gain, calculation and moral deafness. But a person without ennobling his nature perishes, falls into the anger of despair, his soul is impoverished.

No, we can not survive without fresh air and water. And as the greatest irony of fate, you perceive a terrible coincidence: you, Polissya beauty, lived in the same forests where there was also the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, called at one time “the sun of Polissya.” No, it did not warm, but burnt our Ukrainian land and our souls are “the sun”.

And you do not understand how love perishes and all the good from unbelief, callousness, indifference. Do you not know what a man who placed himself above nature is, who has become her “master.”

But your soul remained to live in the rustle of leaves of the old willow, and in ours – the black ring of the burnt city. Self-interest causes people to destroy lilies of the valley and snowdrops, less and less cranes arrive, less and less often you will hear an amazing nightingale trill.

What to do? How to save both nature and us? Maybe it’s just that a person needs to remember more often that he himself is a part of nature; to try to see in nature not only a source of income, but a great wealth that must be protected; more often just admire its beauty, absorbing its pristine force. “Every fellowship with nature sanctifies man. We become children: everything alien, acquired, unnatural disappears, and our soul becomes clear and clear.” So the great Lermontov felt the influence of nature.

And I believe that there will be a happy time when a person will be proud, that here is that “old maple, his head looks like him.” And your bright image, Mavka, is my belief that we will live in perfect harmony with nature.

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For nature in the answer everyone