“Mother’s Heart” composition

Everyone knows that there is no closer and more human being on earth than Mom. From the very first minutes of our life, we are surrounded by her warmth and care, she, becoming older, we believe our secrets and fears, share her impressions about the world around us and always look forward to full support and understanding on her part. Among all the people in the world for me there is no better than my mother. For me it is the best, the most affectionate, the most kind. Yes! The most-most kind! Her kind heart never fails to help. Mom will always support me, help me overcome any difficulties.

I want to talk about my mother, my closest and dearest person. Mom… I was little, I did not know how to speak, she understood me without words. I guessed my wishes, my pain. Mom taught me to talk, walk, to distinguish between good and evil… Mom sang me the first lullaby song, told the first fairy tale. With her eyes, I saw for the first time the beauty of spring flowers, with her

I felt joy of life. And the world of knowledge, too, introduced me to my mother, holding the handle. She entrusted me to my first teacher, and helped at home to do homework.

Mom… This is the first word I said, deliberately addressing her. Everything that happened around me was connected with her presence. Later, after growing up a little, I probably did not think about her as often as I did in my early childhood, but all the same, I told her about all my sorrows and joys.

Even now, when I’m 14 years old, I need her help. I always ask her for advice, and she will guide me to the right path. In any situation, my mother thinks with my opinion, listens to me, and together we make the right decision. My mother for me is not only the closest, dearest person, but also my friend. I can share with her any secrets.

Any mother is not only a mother, but a woman. A strong woman! She’s always busy. On her fragile shoulders is the whole house. The order in the house is her merit. Mom has a lot to do. But the main task is to raise and raise children. In this they are helped by husbands, our fathers.

But in our time there are often families where children grow up without fathers. And all the worries lie on mothers. Yes! They are hard, but they suffer, because they are strong.

Time passes. Children grow up. There comes a time when they have to leave their homes. They begin their lives, become mums and dads. But their mother will always wait for their children, even if they are adults.

And the children, in turn, will remember her, visit her. And no matter how old they are, they will always need a mother, her affection, her gaze.

Mom is hardworking. Mom does a lot, maybe. This is true. But my mother has her dreams, her plans, aspirations, her business in life. We must take this into account, rejoice in success, experience it as our own. After all, in her time she gave us all the warmth, to the children. It will be our turn to take care of our mothers. Their kind heart needs our affection.

Mom is an example to me in everything. One of the distinctive features of her character is tact, ability to talk with people, listen to them. Probably, she has some very rare quality of the soul, because people always go to her to share their joys and sorrows, to consult, just to talk. The doors of our house are always open for my comrades, my mother is happy with their arrival, talking with them about school matters.

In life, I have many more or less serious problems. Sometimes it is difficult to understand some issues, look at yourself from the outside, and my mother will always help to understand the mistakes, to be sure in their rightness. She is very sensitive to my state of mind. If I come home with something upset, my mother does not immediately ask about what happened, but lets me calm down, knowing that I myself will then tell everything. I constantly feel her respect for me, even some kind of maternal pride, so I strive to be what my mother wants to see me.

After all, what is it, my mother? You can find millions of words, the most gentle and affectionate, beautiful and decent, but they can hardly reflect the fullness of my feelings for her.

Kind and fair, affectionate and serious, courageous and gentle, strong and sensitive and yet, I do not know… and all this together, at the same time! And every time it’s new, different and yet the same – mine, the only one!

Probably, I could talk endlessly about it, but I want to finish my short essay with well-known lines:

Let there always be sun!

Let there always be a sky!

Let there always be Mom…

My Mom… and let her always be with me.

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“Mother’s Heart” composition