“The mind with the heart out of tune”

I understand this expression like this: the mind, the mind is not in harmony with the heart, the soul. You understand with your mind that you have to do something like that, make such a choice, but resist your heart. As they say, “the soul does not lie.” Or vice versa: the mind tells you that it’s so imprudent, unreasonable, wrong, and the heart says something else, and you act as the heart tells.

It seems to me that there are people who are self-confident, living only with the mind. They are prudent, rational, even if they do not sometimes have a soul for something, they know how to overcome themselves and act “in the mind.” Here they, then, probably, the mind with the heart mostly in harmony. And there are others who live in the heart. Probably, this is also not very good, but such people are more sympathetic to me. With this expression, I have a funny incident when I first heard it.

Once we bought a perch from my mother. But at home we found

that the fish is still alive, and I begged my mother not to touch the perch yet. “Let them swim in the evening before the pelvis,” I asked. Mom agreed.

The perches, lowered into the water, first froze, and then began to actively move the red lower fins. After a while they got used to the pelvis well. This evening, we had no soup. I could not imagine that they would get into boiling water. I even began to feed the perch. My mother assured me that the fish would still perish, since it was tight in the basin. Grandma was angry: she did not understand why we were spending money.

The next day we transplanted perch into large glass jars filled with water, and with a friend went to the embankment. The perches were at large, and I sighed with relief. I understood that this fish was specially raised to the table, that perhaps perches would not survive in this river crossing our city. At the same time, I felt sorry for the living being. Apparently, the right grandmother, who commented on my decision to release the fish to freedom: “The mind with the heart out of tune.”

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“The mind with the heart out of tune”