Unity of man and nature

Appeal to the traditional ideas of the native people helps to understand that the ancient Ukrainian was characterized by organic unity with the natural world. Man was aware of himself as an organic, inseparable part of living nature. To maintain harmony with the world of nature, there were certain laws and rules that the ancient person never violated.

Man tried without need not to touch either the plant or the beast. Even when collecting medicinal plants, a person should ask permission from the land. So that the land does not remain empty, a piece of bread was put on it instead of the broken plants. Evidence has survived that water, land was called human names, for example, the land of Tatiana, the water of Ulyana. There was a ban on killing certain birds, such as swallows, storks. A thoughtless destruction of bird nests was considered a sin.

The idea of ​​harmony between man and nature is also violated by Ukrainian writers in his works: Lesya Ukrainskiy in the drama-extravaganza Lesnaya Pesnya, M. Rylsky in poetry collections On the White Isles, cycle Four Poems, Dovzhenko in The Enchanted Desna B. Oleinik in the poem “Wing”, and the poem I. Drach “Chernobyl Madonna” is a cry of despair, a warning to humanity from a terrible catastrophe.

So, we see that in ancient times man did not try to be the master of nature: everything that is on earth, she considered equal to herself. Unfortunately, today we have lost such organic unity with the world of wildlife. Aspiring to become the lord of nature, to put it in the service, we, probably, have broken some eternal laws of life. For this, nature avenges its irrational children. Today, the danger of an ecological catastrophe hung over the earth. I think we should approach the understanding of nature that was inherent in our ancestors, and try to live in harmony with the environment.

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Unity of man and nature