“The Heart of Three” London in summary

Francis Morgan, the wealthy heir of the owner of large enterprises, Richard Henry Morgan, thinks in lazy idleness what to do. At this time, the former rival of the late RG Morgan in exchange games, Sir Thomas Regan, learns from Alvarez Torres that he knows the location of the treasure, hidden by the ancestor of the Morgan family, by pirate Henry Morgan. Torres offers to equip the expedition. Regan, once unsuccessfully trying to ruin Frances’s father, now wants to settle scores with his son. The absence of young Morgan in his hand. Therefore, he does not believe in the existence of the treasure at all, agrees with the idea of ​​the expedition provided that his “young friend” is involved in it, which is supposedly to be saved from the temptations of the big city.

The possibility of an exciting trip seems to Francis tempting. He travels from New York to Panama and immediately finds himself in an adventure. On the beach, where he landed, some beautiful girl comes

into conversation with him – as if they had known each other for a long time. Then, showering reproaches and threatening with a revolver, then kissing him, she ends with an order to leave these places immediately and forever. Not understanding anything, the young man obeys.

Having reached one of the islands, Francis meets there an angry man, immediately demanding, like the girl, to get out. Here it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Francis threatens to put the stranger on the shoulder blades, but he himself is pressed to the ground. We have to endure humiliation and leave the island. Afterwards, the winner mockingly asks if the enemy will leave his business card? Sniffing back, Francis nevertheless calls his name. Hearing her, the owner of the island makes the assumption that he had a fight with someone from distant relatives: his very name is Henry Morgan. Looking at the portrait of the ancestor Morganov hanging in his hut, he realizes another – the amazing external similarity of the uninvited guest with the old pirate and himself. Henry’s attitude toward the enemy is changing. After seeing, As

on the other side of the strait, Francis struggles to fight off the Indians attacking him, he rushes to his aid, and then drags him to the hut. Here much is cleared up. Young people call their names and come to the conclusion that they have a common ancestor, the treasure of which both are looking for. After hearing the story of Francis about meeting with a strange girl, Henry realizes that this is the daughter of Spaniard Enrico Solano, Leoncia, with whom he was betrothed and who took a stranger for him because of their striking similarity. The wedding did not take place, because the groom was accused of murdering Alfaro Solano, Uncle Leoncia. Henry did not commit murder, but by chance, it was he who found Alfaro’s body with a knife in his back, and at that moment the gendarmes saw him. Because of the false accusation, Leonce returned Henry to the wedding ring they had given him, and Henry had to flee to avoid reprisals.

Francis undertakes to settle the misunderstanding, to deliver Leoncia the ring returned by her and to explain the true state of affairs. All this is possible, but the general world is hampered by the appearance of Torres. He is in love with Leoncia and has set himself the goal of eliminating her fiancé by any means. As a result of the intrigues, Francis and Henry are almost killed all over the same charge of murdering Alfaro. But they manage to avoid the gallows and escape from the chase led by the police chief and Torres, into the depths of Cordillera. Fugitives are accompanied by the entire Solano family. On the way, Francis saves the life of a slave who escaped from the tortures of the master planter. Suddenly, an old Indian appears, the father of this man. In gratitude for the salvation of his son, he suggests holding Francis and his companions to the place where the Mayan treasure is kept. Francis hesitates: he should return to New York, to the affairs of the exchange market, and most importantly – it is too attracted to Leoncia, and it is better to leave, so as not to compete with Henry. Meanwhile, and Leonessa realized that her feelings forked: she loves both Morganov! Tearing about this, Leoncea still does not want to be separated from Francis, and, yielding to her desire, he stays.

All participants of the events descend from the mountains. An expedition is being prepared. In a week she goes again to the Cordilleras. The old Indian leads the travelers to the foot of the high cliff. With difficulty finding a gap in it, they penetrate inside and find themselves in a cave with a lot of mummies and a pile of bones. These are the remains of those who once tried to find the treasures of the Maya. At every step new aliens are trapped in danger. Falling into the abyss under the feet of the stone goddess Chia, the son of the conductor dies. From the opened emptiness begins to beat the fountain with water and fills the cave, the collapse overlaps the previously found entrance.

Trouble brings the captives of the mountain with Torres, imperceptibly sneaking into her womb after them. Then we have to act together, helping each other. It is difficult to find a saving passage, through which, not finding treasure and almost losing a life, they are chosen to an open place. Below lies a valley called the Valley of Lost Souls. The tribe inhabiting there encounters strangers hostile. For the solution of their fate, the old priest turns to the supreme ruler of the tribe. This is a beautiful young woman with a golden tiara on her head – a real queen, according to Henry. The decision is unexpected: all prisoners will remain alive only if one of the men marries her. Since no one expresses a desire to become a queen’s choice, Leoncia suggests casting lots. He drops out Henry, but Francis, striving, contrary to his own feelings, Save the union of a friend and his bride, announces that he is ready to become the husband of the queen. Meanwhile, Torres, having discovered that in the royal chambers there is a chest full of precious stones, is trying to take possession of wealth. But the thief is caught by the queen at the crime scene. Having entered into a fight with her, he makes a careless move and falls into the stream that is bubbling near the house, which carries him under the rock.

The priest performs the rite of the wedding of Francis and the queen, but immediately after the ceremony he himself and the entire population of the valley begin a decisive offensive against the strangers. It remains only to escape. By the order of Queen Francis lowers the trunk of jewelry in a secret hatch under the floor of the house, and all four jump into the stream, carried away Torres. The underground river takes them to a safe place. After a while the fugitives get to the city of San Antonio, where the expedition began, and the Solano family, who already considered everyone dead, takes them into their arms. Here, Francis is brought a telegram about the urgent need to return to New York, as his financial situation is under threat. He and the queen are leaving.

In New York, Francis plunges into business, and his wife is not easily mastering the wonders of civilization. Having heard once a conversation between Francis and a friend to whom he confesses that he is married to one woman and loves another, and seeing the portrait of Leoncia, the queen realizes that she has been deceived in her husband’s feeling and leaves the house. Searches are unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio appears Torres, who escaped the same path as the rest. He shows the jeweler one of the few stolen stones, he estimates the millionth value of the whole treasure and decides to go after him. Family Solano unexpectedly learns two important secrets, supported by strong evidence: adopted by Enrico as a child, Leoncia is actually an Englishwoman and belongs to Henry’s own sister, and Alfaro’s killer is Torres.

The Queen arrives in San Antonio with the intention of destroying her rival. However, after a frank conversation with Leoncia, she has one desire – to help Francis overcome his enemies. Therefore, she wants to return for her jewels, to give them to him. Henry equips the expedition, which is moving in the mountains at the same time as the Torres detachment, just the other way. Torres first reaches the goal. The chest is found, but it does not manage to take hold, as a group of arrows falls upon the kidnappers: The Lost Souls have decided to kill anyone who approaches the village. At this time, Henry and the Queen appear on the ledge of the rock. Seeing them, Torres shoots, and his bullet fights the queen. Escaping from attacking Souls, he escapes from the valley, but falls into the gorge and, unable to get out of it, perishes.

Meanwhile, in New York, Francis and his broker finally guess who is ruining the successor of RG Morgan. However, direct conversation with Riga does not change the situation – the catastrophe is coming. And then in the house of Francis appear Henry and Leonce with a full suitcase of jewelry. It’s millions of dollars. Francis is saved, and ruin threatens Riga. Henry talks about everything that happened after his friend left and says that since Leoncia was his sister, now nothing prevents Francis from marrying her.

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“The Heart of Three” London in summary