Composition “Mother’s Heart”

Mama! What a warm, cozy word. What kindness is from this word. And I know why, because only my mother has a heart of gold that can do everything: love, and forgive, and teach the good, the right.

A patient mother’s heart. How many times have you responded to evil with good and taught it to us, your children. Although sometimes it was like to strike back with a blow, to insult with an insult, but you did not allow it, saying: “Evil only breeds evil and one must not allow it to become more and more in the world.” You always justify your offenders. “It’s just that people are mistaken, they need time to sort things out,” you notice, and I do not cease to marvel at your patience, your kindness.

Over failures, you learned to laugh and joke: “This is all passing, and there is so much good ahead.” You do not tolerate injustice at all, you wait patiently when everything falls into place. And in fact the truth, and happens: justice

triumphs. And do not stop admiring my mother’s wisdom.

When you feel bad, you just take Yesenin’s verses or turn on your favorite music, and sometimes both of them are all together, and after a while you’re already in order, and instead of tears on your face a smile.

Every time you thank God for a new day, although sometimes it brings you tears, disappointments, and troubles. But you believe in a happy tomorrow and it always comes.

My dear, dear mother, I always wonder how much love can be in your heart. You combine love for children, for people, for animals, for nature, for music, for poetry, for art, for needlework…

You love indoor flowers, watching the growth of each new petal, you never offend pets. You treat them like children. And in the evenings, after work, with pleasure you cook something delicious or sit down for your favorite knitting. Then you begin to fantasize how to tie something fashionable and such that no one else has!

You know how to rejoice in a witty joke, over which you laugh so infectiously as a child, and you infect this laughter…

Mom, how can you combine all this. We often talk to you on different topics, and then you become for me the closest and best friend.

But sometimes we, your children, do not offend you, sometimes without noticing it… And you forgive us everything and continue to love with your kind heart.

Golden mother’s heart. You teach us so much…

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Composition “Mother’s Heart”