Were about respect and dignity

Once the actors of the famous Moscow theater who lived in the same yard as the Ukrainian playwright Ivan Tobilevich saw how the writer was carrying coal and began to laugh at him because his hands were in soot.

“It’s better to have black hands,” Ivan Karpovich calmly answered the scoffers, “than a black soul.”

The actors were embarrassed and left the balcony.

At the time when Lesja Ukrainka lived, you could hear how Ukrainians are called Little Russians. This name comes from the word “Little Russia” – as it used to be called Ukraine.

Lesya Ukrainka was very proud of her Ukrainian roots, as evidenced by her pseudonym. Once a gentleman of short stature told the poet:

– So you are a little Russian?

– Yes, Pan, at first glance, I also thought that I’m below your height. But, as you can see, we were both mistaken, “answered Lesya with dignity, which was indeed much higher than the interlocutor.

Hans Christian Andersen never cared about his clothes. His old worn cloak knew the whole of Copenhagen well.

One day a man came to Andersen on the street and queried:

“This poor thing on your head is called a hat?” Andersen calmly replied:

“But this poor thing under your hat is called a head?”

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Were about respect and dignity