Summary of the story of M. A. Bulgakov “The Heart of a Dog”

Cold blizzard winter. In the gateway a dog is killed by the cold and hunger, to which the cook of one of the Moscow dining rooms also boiled with boiling water. He whines, howls and at the same time reflects on life. Suffers from the fact that it is not summer and can not be treated with weed in Sokolniki, suffers because there is no protection for him, and finally decides to not go anywhere from this gateway, but die right in it, since he has absolutely no strength at all. For a moment he was distracted by a gloomy thought by a young lady in thin stockings, calling him Sharik. The ball is a full, round, happy dog. And he…

Suddenly a citizen appeared from the shop door, or even a gentleman, judging by his appearance. A well-fed, self-assured person, apparently, engaged in mental work. The gentleman took out a parcel of sausage and, beckoning the dog, who did not need to be particularly persuaded, called him Sharik and gave him a piece of sausage. Then he ran his hand over

Sharikov’s stomach, and, not finding any collar, was overjoyed.

“Ah, male – he said meaningly, – there is no collar, well, that’s fine, I need you…”, and then brought the dog to his home on Prechistenka. Respect for Sharik immediately caused how the porter, one of the worst dog foes, respectfully talked with this gentleman. The dog learned that his benefactor was called Philip Philipovich.

The door of the apartment was opened by a young beautiful woman, whom the new owner called Zina, and was surprised where this Philip Philipovich got such a lousy dog. He looked at the dog and saw that the side of the animal was boiled with boiling water. Zina led Sharik somewhere. Where – he did not immediately understand. And when I understood, I realized to myself that this is a canine clinic, and now it will be cut with knives. The ball swirled frantically in search of an exit and broke the glass door. Zina and Philip Philipovich began to catch the dog. The situation changed when another strange man burst into the room and piled on the dog, and Sharik managed to tug at

his leg. The stranger gasped, but was not lost. In the nose of the dog struck a sickening smell, after which he fell asleep.

Waking up, the dog was very surprised that he was still alive, then found a bandaged side and calmed down. Philip Philipovich brought him to his office and began receiving patients. The man who Ball bitten by the leg, was his assistant, a young and handsome doctor Bormental. The appearance of the first visitor was absolutely struck by the dog. On the head of the patient grew quite green hair, and on the back of the head they were cast into a rusty tobacco color. His face was wrinkled, but his complexion was pink, like a baby’s. The patient claimed that he was younger and now feels completely new: “Every day a naked girl is dreaming!” The professor was satisfied with the result of the visitor’s physical examination.

The next patient, a fifty-year-old lady, had a scandalous affair with a young card cheater. The professor, in order to help a woman become younger, promised to put her ovaries monkeys, having spent this expensive operation at home.

The third visitor, the conversation with which Sharik heard in half-asleep, also told the professor some obscene story.

Finally the dog woke up only after the appearance in the apartment of the professor four people at once. They were representatives of the house committee headed by the chairman Shvonder. Turning to Philip Philipovich officially – Professor Preobrazhensky, they demanded that he make room, because he occupies too much living space: as many as seven rooms. Therefore, they ask the professor to abandon the dining room in the order of labor discipline.

Philip Philipovich is enraged and telephoned to a representative of the authority, some Peter Alexandrovich, demanding that he issue a “real” document on the release of his apartment from seals and relocations.

After this, he exposes the housekeepers outside the door and asks Zina to serve dinner.

Behind an ample table there is an exchange of opinions between professor Preobrazhensky and his assistant doctor Bormental. Philip Philipovich, being a true gourmet, argues that “there is a need to be able.” Gradually, the conversation turns to politics. The professor gives recommendations: “If you care about your digestion, my good advice is – do not talk at dinner about Bolshevism and medicine.” And God forbid you save-do not read the Soviet newspapers before lunch. ” It turns out that those patients whom he forced to read Pravda before lunch lost weight.

From somewhere above and from the side one hears a noise resembling a chorale. When asked by Preobrazhensky what all this means, Zina answers that they have again made a general meeting of the tenants. Philip Philipovich is killed, he regrets that Kalabukhov’s house is missing. Bormental says that the professor looks at things too gloomily. In response, Filip Filippovich expresses his views on the fact that he has lived in this house since 1903, and the light began to fade only now, under the new government. From the front steel galoshes began to disappear, for some reason they beat the front staircase and opened the black entrance, all writing off to the so-called ruin. If he, Professor Preobrazhensky, instead of operating, begins to sing in his apartment in chorus, then his house will collapse. Consequently, devastation in the minds of people. It happens when people try at the same time “

The dinner is over. The ball under the impression of the professor’s monologue falls asleep, and Philip Philipovich is going to the Bolshoi Theater for “Aida”.

The further life of Sharik in the professor’s apartment proceeds calmly and serenely. He gets a collar – the biggest sign of a dog difference, indicating that the dog has a master, and the doorman now opens his own door in front of Ball. The dog gets access even to the holy of holies for him – the kitchen kingdom of Darya Petrovna.

Life of the Ball flowed serenely and leisurely to one “terrible day.”

After a seemingly ordinary morning, the professor called and was told by phone that someone had died. He was agitated, told Zina to serve dinner quickly and, without finishing his coffee, ran out to meet Bormental. Bormental brought with him a badly smelling suitcase and, unbuttoning it, told the professor that someone had died three hours ago.

Then Sharik was dragged into the examination room, where they poked a wet cotton ball in his nose, after which the dog lost consciousness.

Ball was operated on…

Dr. Bormental keeps a diary. Records indicate the performed operation for the transplantation of male ovaries and the pituitary gland to the dog. It was expected that the dog would die, but he not only survived a severe operation, but strange things began to happen to him. From the sides he began to drop hair, and then the dog began to pronounce various words, mostly abusive. The lexicon is quickly enriched: in addition to Moskvoshveya, he uses “The Scoundrel”, “Get off the footboard”, “I’ll show you”, “America’s Recognition”, “Primus”, “Do not Push.” Once, in response to the professor’s request not to throw scraps on the floor, he said: “Get off, nit.” The professor responded by answering that if the dog once again allowed himself to be cursed by him, Philip Philipovich, or Dr. Bormental, he would fly. Sharik paused briefly and frowned. He learns to walk on his hind legs, wear human clothes and visit the restroom.

Preobrazhensky is forced to admit a mistake – instead of rejuvenating the dog, he became humanized.

Bormental assumes that the transplanted human pituitary gland opened the center of speech, and “words poured forth”. The doctor thinks that all the abuse used by Sharik is an all-out, street, and that as a result of humanization the dog will develop into a mentally developed person.

Preobrazhensky doubts this and sits down in the history of a man whose organs are transplanted to Sharik. The deceased, Clim Chugunkin, was a drunkard, a thief who received 15 years of hard labor conditionally.

He played in the taverns on the balalaika. He was killed in a beer with a knife in the heart.

Bormental does not understand why the professor is doing this: is it all the same, whose were these organs?

After some time, the human form of the creature was finally formed: “The face was covered with unshaven fluff. The forehead was struck by its small height, and almost immediately above the black brushes of scattered eyebrows began a thick head brush.”

The character of the former Sharik began to manifest the most disgusting habits of Klim Chugunkin. He smokes, sprinkles his shirt with ashes, sleeps in the kitchen in the afternoon in the kitchen, throws cigarette butts on the floor, disgusts women and constantly utters swear words. In response to the professor’s demands to behave decently, the creature claims that he did not ask to be turned into a human being, and if he is not stopped from all sides, he will sue the persons who operated it. At the end of the conversation with the professor, he states that he must be registered and given him a document with a surname, first name and patronymic. Preobrazhensky understands that the former dog naukkal local housekeeper in the face of the chairman Shvonder. In the house committee, the creature was advised to choose a name from the calendar – Polygraph Polygraphovich, and the family decided to leave the hereditary name – Sharikov. Soon Sharikov receives from the professor a receipt that he was born in his apartment as a result of experience. This is necessary to get them documents. Preobrazhensky asked Shvonder if there was not a free room in the house to move Sharikov away. He is completely exhausted by what is happening.

To the former antics of the former dog are added new ones. The cat that got into the apartment, caused him fury. Sharikov, having committed a pogrom in the apartment, closed himself in the bathroom and was barely recovered from there. The result of this fight was a flood, the reception of visitors was canceled, and Sharikov closed the key. To top it off, the janitor came to the trouble and told about the broken glass in the next apartment, the harassment of Sharikov to the cook living in it, and the promise of her master to sue.

During the meal, Sharikov is not used to drinking alcohol, he absolutely does not want to behave culturally at the table.

Accidentally, he reports that he is reading Engels’ correspondence with Kautsky. Shvonder supplied him with this book. From it, Sharikov understood only that it was necessary to take everything and share, hinting at the same time on the property of Preobrazhensky. The weary professor asks Bormental to go with Sharikov to the circus, and himself, in deep thought, examining the jar with the pituitary gland of the dog, says: “I swear, I think I’ll decide.”

Sharikov receives a document, according to which he is entitled to a living space in the apartment of Preobrazhensky. The professor breaks down and threatens to shoot Shvonder. It can be seen from Sharikov’s eyes that he remembered this saying. Philip Philipovich warns Sharikov that he does not have to feed him, so he should behave decently. Sharikov for one day died down.

The next night he came home drunk and brought with him two suspicious personalities who had cleared the apartment and left home only after the janitor called the police. Stealing money Polygraph blamed on Zina. After the scandal, he felt bad – the consequences of being too drunk affected. Dr. Bormental and all the households were forced to take care of Sharikov.

The professor and his assistant at night think about how to destroy Sharikov, but are afraid of criminal prosecution. Preobrazhensky says that he made a big mistake – he turned the dear dog into such a scum that the hair stands on end. Of the canine in Sharikov, the worst is hatred for cats. The rest of the abomination is from Klim.

The conversation is interrupted by the appearance of the enraged Darya Petrovna standing in one nightgown. She shook Sharikov, who was fighting in her mighty hands, at the feet of the professor and explained that he had molested Zina. Bormental is furious and promises to arrange a “benefit” for him when he finally soberes up.

In the morning of the next day the benefit performance did not take place, as Sharikov left the house. For several days he was not there, the doctor and the professor were taking all the necessary measures to find him at that time and were already going to go to the police, when suddenly Sharikov showed up in all the leather and told Philip Philipovich that he had taken office. Now he works as the head of the sub-department of cleaning the city of Moscow from stray animals. Shvonder arranged it for him, of course. Bormental orders Sharikov to ask for forgiveness from Zina and Darya Petrovna.

For two days Sharikov was quieter than water, below the grass – in the morning he left for work, in the evening he quietly dined at the company of Preobrazhensky and Bormental. Two days later he brought with him a thin young lady, a typist from his job, and announced that he was signing with her, and she would live in the same apartment. The professor reveals the truth to the girl about who she is dealing with. Sharikov threatens the girl with dismissal. Bormental threatens to kill him. The head of the sub-department for cleaning runs away.

Instead, a former patient appears in the professor’s apartment, a fat and tall man in uniform. He shows the denunciation, written by Sharikov on Preobrazhensky and Bormental. The denunciation states that the professor threatened to kill Shvonder, kept firearms at home, pronounced counter-revolutionary speeches, etc. The denunciation was certified by Shvonder. The appearance of Polygraph Polygraphovich in human form was in this house for the last time. Philip Philipovich and Ivan Arnoldovich demand from an intolerable neighbor that he take things and get out of the apartment. Sharikov on this with one hand shows a shish, unbearably smelling of cats, and the second takes a pistol from his pocket.

After that, the head of the sub-department was on the couch, and Dr. Bormental strangled him with a pillow. From the closet to the couch Philip Philipovich rushed about. Reception of patients was canceled, Darya Petrovna and Zina Bormental asked not to go anywhere. Neighbors saw that that night in the lookout of the Preobrazhensky light was on. Later, Ivan Arnoldovich personally burned a blue notebook, in which all the patient records of Professor Preobrazhensky’s patients were recorded.


Ten Days passed after the events described. At night, the professor was again a house, accompanied by the police, and Filipp Filippovich was informed that there was a warrant for the search of his apartment and arrest, depending on the results. Search they are going to Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov. The professor presents them a creature, like a dog of enormous growth, or a small man who looks very much like a dog, and says that here it is, Sharikov. The fact that he spoke for several days does not mean anything, he was not a person, and again everything returned to normal. The dog, you see, “talked and began to turn into a primitive state.”

The ball rests on the carpet at the leather sofa and worships its benefactor. Sometimes, however, he suffers from headaches, but from heat they pass.

Gray-haired wizard and chief dog philanthropist is still busy with his work – he studies someone’s brains and sings his favorite aria from “Aida”.

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Summary of the story of M. A. Bulgakov “The Heart of a Dog”