My father

A neighbor on the porch Vitaliy Pavlovich long spoiled our lives. His apartment is above us. He is restless, always hurrying somewhere, and, leaving, he forgets to close the water tap. Because of his forgetfulness, our apartment is often “podtaplivalo.”

Once we noticed that the neighbor had disappeared somewhere. It turned out that the violator of our peace was put in a hospital. He had a serious operation.

In the evening, Dad went to his neighbor’s apartment to find out how his health was, whether help was needed. From Darya Pavlovna, the neighbor’s sister, the father found out that Vitaly Pavlovich needed blood for the operation, which one of the relatives or acquaintances must surrender. “But I can not do it for health reasons,” said Darya Pavlovna. Then the pope offered his help and surrendered his blood. That’s what my father is!

On the day of donating blood, my father was released from work – he’s a fitter

at the highest level. I love it when my father is at home. But he does not sit idle at home either. So today I began to put a metalwork tool in my bag for something. “I’ll go and see what our neighbor has with the cranes,” he explained.

The strong muscular arms of his father cleverly coped with the usual work. It was evident that his father did not remember quarreling with his neighbor. With a habitual movement of his hand, he removed the hair that fell on his forehead. My mother says that the color of my hair is the same with my father – fair-haired, only my father’s hair is thick, with rare hairs. And my mother says that I’m very like my father. He has a slightly oblong face; forehead high, straight nose, dimples on the cheeks. He’s tall and that’s probably why he’s a little stooped. He is always neat. And now, after completing the work, he thoroughly washed his hands, smoothed his hair, straightened his shirt. The neighbor said: “I know from my brother that he caused you a lot of trouble, but you did not hold resentment, helped our misfortune.” I believe that your son will also be a very good person when he grows up.

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My father