An essay on “What it means to be a good son”

What does it mean to be a good son, a good daughter? It means – to bring only peace and peace, joy and happiness into the house, not to bring anxieties, griefs, resentments, shame to the family.

Good children – quiet old age, bad children – old age turns into hell. Remember: how do you children treat your father, mother, and your children will treat you when you become fathers and mothers. Until the end of his days, a man must remain a son. The more his responsibility for his own children, the higher his filial duty, even when his mother and father are no longer alive.

Be able to feel the subtle mental movements of mother and father. Their illness is your grief, Their failures and troubles at work are your trouble. If the family has grief, misfortune, trouble – your responsibility for the welfare of the family increases by a hundredfold. Only by hard work can you ease the work of your parents. This is your hardest work. He is the work of the soul.

The misfortune, grief, trouble of the mother and father are often overcome by what and how you think. Be able to think well. Be able to be kind in thoughts and feelings.

Protect the health of parents. Remember that early old age and the misfortune of your mother and father are brought not so much by labor and fatigue, as by heart troubles, experiences, griefs, resentments. Most of all, the heart of the father and mother is hurt by filial ingratitude, the indifference of the son, the daughter.

What does it mean to be a good son?

To be a good son is to act so that your parents are not hurt and ashamed of your actions. It also means that your behavior should not bring unnecessary worries and tears to parents. I mentioned tears, thinking, of course, about my mother – she always has eyes in a wet place. This is understandable: raised-raised her son and now – let me down! Do not offend the weak and the young, do not hooliganize, do not torture neighbor cats, do not violate law or order – these are simple and easy rules of conduct, if I do not want my father and mother to feel shame for my son. Do not be late from a football match, come home from the street on time, always tell your parents where you left off, do not take things without asking from home, observe safety techniques at home and at school – and your parents will not worry about you again, they will not add extra gray hair because of your carelessness! That’s what it means to be a good son!

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An essay on “What it means to be a good son”