“Man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight”

Born in torment, his first cry brings happiness to this world: Mom and Dad are happy, those who have become grandparents are happy, the doctor and midwife is happy. Man was born!

The life given to you is already happiness in itself. How can you not miss it? After all, we really created in order to live happily. It’s hard to determine: happiness is… What? Eternal happy holiday? Own a mansion? New car? Fur coat, looking at which, the neighbors are green with envy? Wealth, satiety, luxury? I think that happiness is a day that you consider happy. They cover your whole life.

I really love to draw. In primary school I attended a children’s art studio. The very process of drawing creates in my soul some elated mood. One day a young woman came to our classes. She went on business to our teacher. The guest began to walk from the easel to the easel. Near my she stayed, took my brush, something corrected in the drawing. Then it turned out that Irina Pavlovna praised

my work for a good sense of color, for understanding half-tones. Irina Pavlovna, as we later learned, was an artist of the Kharkov Theater of Opera and Ballet. This day was full of happiness for me. My work was praised not by my mother, who likes everything I paint. And not a teacher who praised everyone, not to discourage the desire to go to the studio, but, as they say now, an independent expert, an unbiased, objective person. That happy feeling, which I felt on that day, I will never forget, probably never. Although the artist is not going to become.

Happy day for our family was the day when my elder sister successfully underwent a complicated operation. Going to the operation, she did not know what the doctors had told her parents: the chances of success were 50 to 50. When on the second day they told us that the danger was over and that Lika would be well… God! What a happiness it was! Now Lika sews herself a new dress to go in it for my graduation party. And it pleases me no less than my ball gown.

I want to tell you about one happy school day separately. I have two cronies: Katya and Olya.

We were friends from the first class. And in the tenth grade Katya and Olya quarreled. But how! Six months did not talk to each other. I tried to persuade them, I made peace… All for nothing. I did not take either side. I loved them both and did not want to lose. For half a year I lived like on a volcano: I’ll go to one I go – the other is sulking, on the other I’ll talk – the first one in the claim… And the holidays, and the birthdays… But I was firm: I did not take any side, preferences, although they seemed to me to tear me apart. Six months later, without my alleged help, they reconciled, and again we did not get any more water. This event was for me very, very happy: first, we are all together again, and secondly, somewhere deep down I praised myself for consistency and steadfastness. It’s also happiness – to understand that you can do something.

People are created for happiness. One must only be able to see it not only in the big, but also in the small. Not only in unrestrained merriment, but also in quiet sadness and light sadness. After all, there is happiness even in unrequited love. Somewhere I once read about this poem. I forgot the author, but I remember the lines:

Let – be meek,
Only to love,
Only not without a trace
On the ground to walk…

So happiness… it’s different. You just need to know how to find it! Do not miss it…

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“Man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight”