A Tale of Health

The words that you need to protect your health are as old as the world. Because how much our land exists, and the person on it, so much is being talked about health. Health goes somewhere, and sometimes people do not notice it, and they remember it only when they lose it. And Health, it comes in days, but leaves in a moment.

In some kingdom, a fabulous state, there was a life-Health. It loved people. Every morning I was picked up to charge everyone, took a cold shower, was forced to wipe myself with a wet towel, followed the correct diet.

Yes, only people sometimes dismissed themselves. On tablets, potions, ointments, syrups hoped. But, as one wise man said: “You can not buy health in a pharmacy.”

Tired of health running around the houses. And Health decided so:

– To whom I am dear, he will lead a healthy lifestyle. And whoever does not do this, let him run after me, look for me. If he finds it in the pharmacy, it’s good. Yes, it only seems to me that to be healthy, one pharmacy is not enough. Tablets, potions, ointments, syrups will help only for a while. A strong health is extracted for a long time, but by bit.

So it happened. Who in life spares his health, constantly cares for him, that’s all and great. And do not run to him, seek Health. And who does not appreciate his health, he will have to run after him.

To lose health is easy, and to restore – oh, how difficult.

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A Tale of Health