My Chekhov’s composition

Everyone has favorite writers and quite often on this list you can meet Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is a famous writer-playwright. In his works he describes life situations, most often these situations are conflict. Life issues and conflicts can not but interest the reader, that is why Anton Pavlovich has so many admirers.

The most famous and read works of the writer:

The Cherry Orchard. Ionich. Uncle Ivan. Fatherless. Chamber number six. A black monk. Three sisters. This is not the whole list of interesting works of the writer. A well-known novel, which is present in the school program for sixth graders – “Thick and thin”, derides such humiliating qualities of people as toadying and ritual worship.

All the famous work Ionych tells about how a person loses everything in himself, striving for his own goal. Achieving prosperity for himself, Startsev turns into an egoistic being, to whom human feelings and experiences are alien.

Chekhov’s stories capture the reader with their truthfulness, vitality, and humor. In his works the writer pays much attention to nature, as if showing people what the meaning of life is. Sometimes, reading his stories you can compare yourself with the main characters and think about your behavior. The Russian people love the writer for the simplicity and clarity of his works. In the people he has long been called the artist of life. And this is unquestionable. Very few people know how to communicate so interestingly and intelligibly to the reader, the concept of the meaning of life.

Many of the writer’s works criticize the concepts and laws that existed at the time, they are against everything that prevents people from living well. The writer boldly says that people must change their lives and gain complete freedom.

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My Chekhov’s composition