Composition “Hobbies of my family”

Hobbies are very different. Someone is fond of sports, someone can not live without travel. Favorite thing can be one for the whole family, and maybe so that everyone is keen on different things. And how interesting is the life of such a family, where everyone can tell a lot of interesting things about their hobbies. No evening in such a family is not boring.

This is the family we have. We all get involved in something, and then we tell each other about everything new that we managed to learn. For example, my dad is fond of wood carving. How much interesting he told us about the types of wood and how to process them. At home we have already collected a whole collection of father’s works. He took prizes with them in district competitions.

And my mother is an amateur. How many things have in our house made by her hands. And the sweaters and dresses that my mother tied for me, there are no equal of any of my friends. They all envy how beautiful I dress. And all this

thanks to my mother, who knows how to correctly combine colors in clothes, which blouse will fit into a skirt or trousers. She teaches me how to dress with taste.

And I was gradually addicted to everything. At first, I dreamed that I would surpass the pope in the carving and get even more rewards. Then I began to get carried away with the arrangement of the garden. Together with her mother knitted and sewed. But I somehow got bored very quickly… Until a new student came to our class. I was struck by her braid. I’ve never seen so beautifully plaited braids. I also have long hair. But I wore regular pigtails or tails.

Now I know that spits are very different. I learned to twist my hair very nicely. We look at Valya’s different hairstyles magazines, and then we try to do the same for ourselves. It’s so exciting that you never get bored. Moreover, we ourselves are trying to come up with different ways of weaving braids. True, this is not very successful yet. But we do not despair. After all, we just learn.

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Composition “Hobbies of my family”