The problem of fathers and children based on the novel Honore de Balzac “Father Gorio”

If the fathers are trampled on with their feet,

Fatherland will perish.

O. de Balzac. Father Gorio

At all times, respect for the elders was one of the main pillars on which not only the family but the entire society relies. Children from all over the world are brought up in fairy tales and stories, many of which tell of the endless parental love and the appreciation or ingratitude of children. The remarkable novel Honore de Balzac “Father Gorio” today is perceived as a fairy tale for adults, because the time in which the events described there have passed. But something does not work, after finishing the reading, thoughtlessly to postpone the book and do other things: probably understanding that the problems touched by the writer are beyond time, beyond the framework of a certain culture.

Resentment and indignation are caused by scenes where Anastasi and Dolphin practically renounce their father, who gave them not only all the money, but all the

strength, soul, heart. Daughters, whom the father simply idolized, who from early childhood did not know of giving up anything, throw the old man in the most difficult moment for him – during illness and death. They are used to only taking, and therefore their selfishness is immeasurable.

I am sure that even if parents do not understand us, their children, they are always ready to help us with advice, to help – if only we were happy. So disinterestedly gave his daughters love, fortune, health, Father Gorio, without a second thought, helped the mother and younger sisters Eugene Rastignac. So our parents try to give us the most delicious piece, the best place, to carve out an extra minute for sleeping. Angered by Anastasi and Dolphin’s heartlessness towards the father, are we always attentive to our own parents who, so often giving us moments of joy and pleasure, do not advertise it, do not require that we immediately pay attention to their care, which we, Unfortunately, we usually take for granted?

And if this is not so, then why are there so many sick and lonely old people who are not needed by children or grandchildren who feel like a burden, an obstacle? Probably, today this problem remains no less urgent and urgent than in the days of Balzac, because too often people are caught unaware by a simple reminder on the TV screen: “Call your parents…”

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The problem of fathers and children based on the novel Honore de Balzac “Father Gorio”