Painting by Venetsianov “Here’s the ones and the father’s lunch”

The outstanding Russian painter Alexei Gavrilovich Venetsianov was born on February 7, 1780 in Moscow, in a merchant family. Little information is known about the artist’s life. He began to paint at an adult age. He himself wrote about himself: “I’m not a graduate of the Academy, I did not prepare myself to be an artist and became him, loving art.”

In fact, all the pictures of Venetsianov are magnificent. He created many works on the theme of peasant life. In 1820, the artist left Moscow, began to live in a small estate of Safonkovo ​​in the Tver province. Here he wrote many amazing pictures.

In 1824, at the Academic Exhibition Venetsianov presented his works created in the estate of Safonkovo. Among them was the picture “Here they are and the Fatherland lunch.” The plot of the picture was explained by the name on which the picture was shown at the exhibition: “A boy grieving that he dropped the borax with milk and spilled.”


picture shows a fair-haired boy. He looks sadly at the overturned dishes, where there was milk. A faithful dog sits next to him, who looks with sympathy at the owner. The dog seems to understand the mood of the boy, and wants to comfort him.

You can guess that the boy is from a poor family. He does not see enough food, so he is very sorry for the spilled milk. Perhaps he carried a jug of milk and a piece of bread to his father, who works in the field. This meager lunch-a piece of bread and a jug of milk-was intended for the father for the whole day.

The boy does not know what to do. Of course, the father would be very angry that his son could not bring him dinner. Heavy thoughts overwhelm the kid.

The child in the picture can not but arouse sympathy and sympathy. The boy is dressed in a white shirt. He looks neat and tidy, despite his bare feet. The child looks about six or seven years old.

The hero of the picture understands the value of the products, so he worries about it because of the missing lunch. The true value of this work is that the artist not only skillfully conveys

a particular moment of life, but also shows the inner world of the hero. We do not know anything about the boy, but we can guess that this is a very responsible and conscientious child. He accidentally spilled milk, maybe it happened during the game. Maybe the jug was too heavy for a fragile boy. And he did not keep his burden in his hands.

The boy feels guilty before his father. And his mood is passed on to the audience. The picture can not leave us indifferent. It allows you to look into the distant past, to realize how difficult life was for ordinary people.

The picture is made in warm colors. The artist in a special way uses the lighting of space on the canvas. He manages to concentrate the attention of the audience on the main character of this work.

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Painting by Venetsianov “Here’s the ones and the father’s lunch”