“Why do we need sports” composition

It’s sad to admit the fact that people want to be healthy in the future, not at the expense of their own strengths, but at the expense of drugs and biotechnology. But the state of people’s health depends on their way of life. This is a scientifically recognized fact. A man must master the art of a healthy life, learn to strengthen his health. Many, unfortunately, do not want to admit that playing sports can preserve and maintain not only physical, but also moral health for many years.

They do not understand why you have to go in for sports. And this is easy to prove.

First, any physical exercises have a health and preventive effect. This must be remembered, because modern people move little, have minimal physical activity. For example, a schoolboy spends his whole day in a sitting position (lessons at school, homework, time at the computer, TV). As a result of this way of life, the muscles atrophy, do not work at full strength.

Secondly, sports strengthens

health, gives a healthy heart, lungs, controls blood pressure and helps to avoid blood clots. Of course, we are talking about classes without unreasonable overload. Remember that physical activity always maintains the tone of the body. For example, having run a couple of kilometers in the morning, you will not feel exhausted all day, the school day will pass without signs of drowsiness, the stock of vitality will increase.

Third, playing sports can strengthen the spirit of a person. People become single-minded and responsible, learn to go to a specific goal, properly organize themselves and their time. In addition, they correctly assess their strengths and capabilities, set priorities. As a result, their self-esteem rises.

Fourth, a person who engages in sports, increases intelligence. And then do not be sneered. Thanks to sports, the concentration of attention improves, a person is able not only to learn a lot of material, but also to apply it skillfully in life. He knows what it means to work in full force. Still LN Tolstoy said that you must shake yourself physically to be healthy morally.


sport is a way of self-expression, gaining self-confidence. Not everyone can be an excellent student and shine before the class with original solutions to problems. Successes in sports will help to acquire in some cases the coveted recognition. Moreover, sports classes produce different chemical substances, for example, endorphin (“hormone of joy”) or adrenaline (“stress hormone”), giving a person a full sense of happiness and joy.

Sixth, how you look looks important. A nice sport bonus is a beautiful body. If you play sports, be slim, without excess weight, which “spoils a lot of blood” in school days.

Thus, it is necessary to play sports in order to become healthy, dexterous and strong, to cultivate self-control and endurance, to learn to overcome difficulties and set new tasks. People love sports because they love life. Go in for sports, and your life will change for the better!

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“Why do we need sports” composition