My home favorite

I want to tell the story of the life of my pet, the cat Barsik.

He was given to us three years ago as a female, which we called Basya. Pussy grew up and turned out to be Barsik, but the caressing Bassia fixed him.

Barsik was a playful fluffy lump of golden-white color with blue eyes. Everyone said that he “came to court”: the color of the fur is very similar to the color of the mistress’s hair, the same bright red. Basia – just like a child in the family, and so my mother jokingly called him my younger brother. But gradually, from an adorable little kitten, Basya turned into an adult raised cat. Now he felt more mature than me and did not obey anyone: he was independent and important. We jokingly called him an “intellectual”. When in the spring we brought him to my grandmother in the village, he experienced a shock – he sat at the sofa for more than a day.

By my arrival, two months later, Basya had already mastered it. Later, my grandmother told me how the neighbor’s cat drove Bashu to the topmost branch of the pear. Grandma woke with screams and ran out to help the cat. Basya tried to jump off the tree, but he tucked his paw. I had to take Grandmother care of Basya: she put a tire on his paw. A week has passed. It was a rainy day, it was dirty in the street, and Basya was going for a walk. It was necessary to see this picture, like Basya, putting forward his bandaged paw, jumping in the rain over the beds – walking.

Many more funny stories happened to Basya. He kicked out all foreign cats from his territory. But, surprisingly, did not drive the cats away. As a real gentleman, Basya allowed them to eat from his dishes, shared food. He also learned to catch mice. They Basya fed a small kitten who was attached to him.

Home, in the city apartment, Basya returned matured, wise old experience of survival in the difficult conditions of rural life-being.

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My home favorite