Composition “On the Russian people”

Any word, any phrase in the language can not arise from nowhere. Every word is a piece of people’s life, some important thing for them or a concept. Every joke that appeared in the language is like a smile of the whole people. Each song, even the most simple, reflects what worried people.

For example, when collective farms appeared in our country, the peasants began to be called collective farmers. This word was then called in general by all the villagers. And during the Great Patriotic War in Russian appeared abusive word “Fritz”. This is a German name, and then all Germans were perceived as enemies.

Now in the Russian language the word “mouse” denotes not only a small rodent, but also a device for a computer. This shows the technical progress in the country.

And what a storehouse of folk history is kept in Russian sayings, proverbs, anecdotes, jokes and jokes! Take at least the proverb “The alphabet is taught, the whole house is shouted.” But it’s true, before in schools it was common to read letters and words aloud by the whole class to memorize them by heart. The noise then was incredible.

Very much of the history of the country reflects the songs. Previously, singing about how fun to ride three horses with bells. Now the songs are already dedicated to cars and fast riding on motorcycles. Previously, singing about the separation of the girl with a loved one who went to war. Or about how he promised to marry, but deceived, and the girl committed suicide. And now, love has become different, and the songs are different.

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Composition “On the Russian people”