Language of the soul of the people

The history of the people resembles a thorny path that leads us from antiquity to modernity. You can not pass it without getting injured by prickly needles.

Every nation passes this way. Throughout its existence, the nation is in decline and recovery. 1 of what will be more depends on the ability to preserve and correctly use the legacy of ancestors. Both material and spiritual.

Some peoples, unfortunately, gradually lose their ethnic characteristics, such as language, culture, traditions. Each of these aspects is important, and the most important among them is the language.

Language – the soul of the people, its spiritual essence. Its significance allows a person to rise higher in his development. Language is not only a means of communication. This is an ethnic category inherent in every nation.

At the present stage of development of our society, the language is given the status of a state language. This is a great achievement of the present, for the history of the development of the Ukrainian language is tragic and at the same time instructive for representatives of other nationalities. She had to go through the thorny path of torture, bans, tortures of the best representatives of the intelligentsia. Of course, this left a certain imprint on the attitude of people towards the language.

Now the problem of perestroika to the native language is acute. After all, it is possible to restore spiritual values ​​only thanks to the maternal, sweet, nightingale of our language. Without it, we can not call ourselves a nation in the full sense of the word. Therefore, we enter into life with our native language, we endure with it all social upheavals and the joy of knowing the new.

I am proud that I am Ukrainian. I love and appreciate my native language. But I clearly realize that this is not enough. We must do everything to raise it.

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Language of the soul of the people