Biography of Edward Burne-Jones

Sir Edward Burne-Jones – English artist, designer, was born in Birmingham.

Bern-Jones enrolled in Exeter College, Oxford. There he met William Morris, who became his lifelong friend. Edward left college to study painting in London with Rossetti.

Early works of Bern-Jones show the influence on the artist of the Rossetti style, which was later replaced by the emulation of Botticelli and Mantegna. The success of Edward Burne-Jones grew when he opened the Grouvenor Gallery in 1877.

Among the widely popular works of the artist: “King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid”, “Depths of the Sea”, “Star of Bethlehem”. His paintings depict a fabulous, medieval world – themes, widespread in that era. His stained glass design, executed by Morris and the Company, can be seen in churches throughout England.

In the biography of Edward Burne-Jones, two woodcuts were also created. In his days the artist was in high esteem. His refined, ornate works continue to delight.

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Biography of Edward Burne-Jones