Biography of Raphael

Rafael is an artist, an architect of the era of the High Renaissance.

Rafael was born on March 24, 1483 in Urbino, Italy. The first training in artistic skill in the biography of Raphael was conducted by his father – Giovanni Santi. Having remained an orphan at 11, Rafael began to study with Pietro Perugino, a well-known Italian artist.

First Raphael copies the style of his teacher, and later develops his own unique manner of painting. Unrepeatable – because his canvases are clean in color, light, the figures on them are correct in proportions. However, anatomical knowledge in the biography of Raphael was not obtained immediately.

Only after moving to Florence, having studied the greatest works of Michelangelo, Raphael began to learn the proportional representation of human bodies. The creative peak in the biography of Raphael begins at about 25 years of age. He moves to Rome, where he receives several valuable orders. So he performs frescoes in palaces and cathedrals.

There Raphael showed himself as an architect – was one of the leaders in the construction of St. Peter’s Cathedral. The paintings of Raphael are most famous for his Madonnas. He painted many canvases depicting Our Lady. One of the most famous paintings of Raphael – “Sistine Madonna”, “Madonna Conestabile”, “Little Madonna”.

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Biography of Raphael