Biography of Edward Grieg

Edward Hagerup Grieg is a musician, composer, conductor.

Born Edward Grieg June 15, 1843 in the Norwegian city of Bergen in a merchant family. The musical talent in Grieg’s biography manifested itself in his childhood. His mother played the piano, so she taught Edward the game from the age of four. At the age of twelve he composed music.

Then, on the advice of Ole Bull, Grieg’s parents gave him to study at the Leipzig Conservatory. From 1858 to 1862, Edward Grieg attended training at this musical educational institution. Grig gave the first concert in 1862 in Karlshamn.

After a short visit to Bergen, Grieg goes to Copenhagen. There he was imbued with the spirit of national art, communicating with writers and musicians. In 1864, Grieg became one of the founders of the society “Euterpe”, which was intended to educate the population of the country. Grieg traveled throughout Europe, giving concerts together with his wife – singer Nina Hagerup.

After a meeting with Ferenc Liszt in 1870 in the biography of composer Grieg, one of his most famous works was written – “Sigurd the Crusader”. Grig came world fame. Then he created another masterpiece – music for the drama “Peer Gynt”. A talented composer and musician died on September 4, 1907.

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Biography of Edward Grieg