Biography of Karl Bryullov

Karl Pavlovich Bryullov is an artist.

Born on December 12, 1799 in St. Petersburg in a creative family. Education in the biography of Karl Bryullov was received at the Petersburg Academy of Arts, which he graduated with a gold medal. In 1822 he went to Italy, where he created several thematic paintings, and also copied masterpieces of recognized masters.

One of the most outstanding paintings in Briullov’s biography is “The Last Day of Pompeii.” It was created by the artist from 1827 to 1833. Among the famous portraits of Bryullov are portraits of Julia Samoilova, A. Tolstoy, A. Perovsky.

The next stage of his biography Carl Bryullov held in St. Petersburg. Becoming a professor at the Academy of Arts, he taught. In addition, he worked on the Lutheran church, he created many successful paintings.

After a serious deterioration in health, in his biography Bryullov went to the Portuguese island of Madeira for treatment, visited Spain, then Italy. The artist died on June 11, 1852. Despite the fact that in general Bryullov did not exert a tremendous influence in the field of painting, his portraits continue to inspire and admire psychological accuracy and subtlety.

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Biography of Karl Bryullov