Biography of Hieronymus Bosch

Biography of Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch or Jerome Bos is a Flemish painter. The original surname in the biography of Bosch was van Aken.

Bosch is associated with the city of Gertogenbosch, where he was born and worked. Little is known about his life and upbringing. It is only true that Bosch was born into a family of artists. His paintings, executed in perfect colors, with supernatural craftsmanship of details, are filled with amazing living objects, strange plants and animals.

On the artist’s canvases, monsters, amusing or devilish figures often come out of folk legends, allegorical poems, moralized religious literature, and directions of late Gothic art. Such works in the biography of Hieronymus Bosch, as “Garden of Earthly Delights”, confuse allegories. However, the symbolism

of these works is incomprehensible, causes various interpretations.

Bosch was interested in grotesque, devilish, rich and deadly. He was one of the first artists in Europe, depicting on his canvases scenes of everyday life, although often with abnormal elements.

King of Spain Philippe II collected some of Bosch’s best creations. “Temptation of St. Anthony”, “The Last Judgment” are frequently encountered topics in the artist’s work. Other Bosch paintings are presented in the Escorial, Brussels. Examples of “Adoration of the Magi” are presented in the museum “Metropolitan”, the Philadelphia Museum, which also houses “Mocking of Christ”.

In the biography of Bosch deeply influenced by the work of Peter Bruegel. In the 20th century, Hieronymus was perceived as a harbinger of surrealism. The work of Bosch is still impressive by contemporary artists. Bosch’s paintings were often forged, and the style was copied. The artist himself for all his life sold only 7 paintings. Over time, scientists began to attribute to Bosch’s hand fewer and fewer works previously considered his works. By the beginning of the 21st century, only 25-30 paintings were named, which are exactly the creation of Bosch.

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Biography of Hieronymus Bosch