Biography of Jim Morris

Jim Morris is a baseball player, born on January 19, 1964 in Brownwood, Texas. Best known as a reliever who received the title of a baseball league hobbyist at the age of 35.

The successful sports career of Jim Morris began in 1999, when he at the age of 35 became a pitcher for “Tampa Bay Devil Reis”. Morris was a teacher and a baseball coach at Texas High School. Then, on the motivation of his students, he once attended the training of “Devil Reis”. When the guys at Tampa Bay discovered that they could throw a ball at 98 mph, Jim was offered to sign in the lower league. Later in 1999, he was invited to the main league, and made a unique debut in the game against the Texas Rangers team.

Morris was a pitcher for Tampa Bay for 21 games, and before the surgery on his shoulder refused to participate in the 2000 season. He retired from baseball due to shoulder pain during the 2001 spring training session for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jim was the author of a book about his life experience, the title of “old beginner”. His story was the basis of the film in 2002, “The Rookie”, in which Dennis Quaid played the role of Morris.

Additional information: Morris singles out his very first competition with the Texas Rangers. The biography of Jim Morris is sometimes compared to the story of Vince Papeil, who in 1976, at the age of 30, was called the rookie of the year, playing in the American football team “Philadelphia Needles.” The story of Papeil was also filmed: in 2006 the film “Indomitable” was released.

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Biography of Jim Morris