An essay on nature

Nature gives enough to satisfy natural needs. Seneca

Nature has created everything around us, her strength knows no bounds. Not many people think about it, but we exist due to nature, because it was she who gave us everything for life. On the ground, we grew food, made trees from trees. Mother Nature has given us everything that is necessary, but human nature needs more and more.

Now mankind does not appreciate these priceless gifts. The consumer approach prevails over the feeling of beauty. People cut down hundreds of hectares of forest and even thoughts do not flash in their head, about what harm they inflicted themselves, not to mention nature.

She gave us not only food for the body, but also for the soul. Nothing gives us such pacification as a couple of hours in the forest or even the park. Such a rest is incredibly useful, both for our physical shell and spiritual state. Even a few minutes in the bosom of nature will allow us to relax, to put in order thoughts, to find harmony.

Let’s not be too flattered by our victories over nature. For each such victory, she avenges us. Engels F.

It is worth remembering that nature can not only give us something, but also take it. We very often abuse her kindness and forget that the price for interference in her affairs can be high. Nature has the power to take away hundreds, even thousands of human lives. All these natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis) are nothing more than a manifestation of her anger at humanity.

We need to thank nature for her care for us! Careful attitude, saving resources, the introduction of resource-saving technologies and proper waste management will help restore the original nature to nature, restore balance. Nature gave us life, so let’s pay back to her in the same coin?

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An essay on nature