Summary of “Comedians”

Smith feels his utter helplessness to change something in this country.

Later, the hero receives an offer from Jones to become a companion in his scam, but discreetly refuses, and at night, Jones, who has suffered a complete fiasco, comes to the hero to ask for protection. They ask the captain of Medea to take Jones aboard, but he promises to hand Jones to the authorities immediately upon arrival in the US. Jones refuses – obviously, he is listed as a serious crime, and the hero takes him to the embassy of the Latin American country, where the ambassador is Marta’s husband.

Soon the hero begins to be jealous of his mistress for Jones: she is now hurrying home, thinking and talking only about the major… Therefore, the hero immediately grabs Dr. Magio’s idea to send a retired military instructor to Phillips, who led a small partisan detachment in the north of Haiti.

Jones gladly accepts this offer, and he and Brown are set off. While they are

somewhere in the mountains at night in the cemetery waiting for meetings with the rebels, Jones tells the truth about himself. Because of flat feet, he was declared unfit for military service and in Burma he did not take part in hostilities, but worked “as the chief entertainment officer for military units.” All the stories about his heroic past are just tales, and he is just as much a comedian as the others who play each of their roles. By the way, his deal with the authorities did not take place not because Jones did not meet their conditions – just Captain Cankasser managed to find out that Jones is a swindler.

The partisans are late for the meeting, and Brown can not wait any longer. However, at the exit from the cemetery, Captain Kankasser is waiting for him with his men. The hero tries to explain that his car broke down and he was stuck, but then he notices behind himself Jones, who has no idea of ​​the elementary rules of conspiracy. There is nowhere to retreat… Brown and Jones are rescued by the insurgents who came in time.

Now the hero can not return to Port-au-Prince, and he with the help of Filipo illegally crosses the border of the Dominican Republic. There, in the capital, the city of Santo Domingo, he meets the Smiths.

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Summary of “Comedians”