Biography of Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich is a Russian artist, writer, traveler, archaeologist.

Artistic education in the biography of Nicholas Roerich was received at the Academy of Fine Arts. There from 1893 to 1897 he studied with the famous master – Kuinjy. Then he continued his studies at the Cormona studio in Paris. Roerich was a member of the association of artists “World of Arts”, for several years was its leader.

In his biography N. Roerich devoted much attention to archeology, the protection of antiquity. He wrote many sketches of Russian cities. Roerich not only wrote pictorial canvases, but also designed performances in the theaters, was engaged in icon painting. Among his known monumental and decorative works – the painting of the Church of the Holy Spirit in the vicinity of Smolensk.

Roerich compiled their archaeological knowledge of the publication. His collected works were published in 1914. Also Roerich wrote in various genres – a poem, a fairy tale, a parable.

In 1920, in his biography, Roerich left his homeland. Lived predominantly in the United States. Then he traveled extensively in Asia, after which his books “Shambhala”, “Heart of Asia” and others appeared. In 1929, he founded the Urusvati Institute.

The classical style of painting of Roerich appeared in a series of paintings “Maitreya”. Among other famous paintings of Roerich – “Madonna Oriflamme”, “Mother of the World.”

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Biography of Nicholas Roerich