What does it mean to be happy writing

What is happiness? This question is asked, perhaps, by each person at a certain stage of his life. But is it possible to unequivocally answer it? Is there a general definition of happiness that is suitable for everyone? Or is it something purely individual, peculiar only to you and no one else?

In the explanatory dictionary of Dahl, “happiness” is defined as “coveted surprise, success,” the second definition is well-being, a life without grief. Sergei Ivanovich Ozhegov called happiness “a feeling of complete satisfaction.” It turns out that being happy means having everything and not wanting anything more?

I believe that being happy is being able to touch the dream. In itself, the existence of a person’s dream, some clearly articulated global goal, is already a considerable step towards achieving happiness. And the possibility of fulfilling this dream makes a person truly happy.

Of course, an important element of happiness

is well-being – the absence of conflict, peace and the opportunity to choose your own way of life. To be happy is to do what you love, to live in harmony with loved ones and to look ahead. A happy person is sure that everything will be fine.

Determining a happy person is fairly easy – such people can not be vindictive or picky, they easily perceive the surrounding world and make it better. A happy man smiles a lot, he has a kind and sincere look. He does not break into other people, he is not angry or rude. A happy person is difficult to get out of balance.

To be happy is to see joy in every day, perceiving it as something special. Happy is the one who in ordinary things can see a miracle. As a bright literary example, you can bring Assol from the product “Scarlet Sails.” This girl from the very childhood believed in her dream – the prediction of a meeting with the prince on a ship with scarlet sails. She grew up with this dream, faithfully believing in it – it helped Assol keep a bright and pure soul. Despite all the ridicule and mockery, the girl did not keep evil at others. And when the ship really appeared – she just went to meet his happiness. Such a kind, innocent and sincere soul will necessarily be happy, because she is able to see a miracle in every word, sound, in the sun, singing birds or the glitter of the smooth stream – in simple things,

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What does it mean to be happy writing