Composition on the theme of Russian character

What are the features of the Russian character? In what life circumstances do they manifest themselves particularly vividly? The author of the text proposed for the analysis of AN Tolstoy pondered these questions, raising the problem of the Russian character.

This problem is relevant at all times. Many writers and thinkers have thought about the peculiarities of our people. AN Tolstoy examines this problem with the example of the hero Egor Dremov. During the Battle of Kursk, Yegor was mutilated in such a way that even a nurse who gave him a mirror in the hospital turned away and cried. However, the blow of fate did not break the hero. Contrary to the decision of the medical board, Dremov was asked to return to the front. “I’m a freak, but this does not hurt, I’ll restore the fighting ability completely,” he said firmly to the general.

The author admires his hero. He is sure that a Russian person will not break even in the most difficult life situations.

Perseverance, courage and inner beauty are the features of the Russian character: “It seems that a man is simple, but a grievous disaster will come, big or small, and a great force rises in him – human beauty.”

I completely agree with the opinion of the author. Indeed, the main features of the Russian people are patriotism, courage, courage. In critical periods, for example, during the difficult years of the war, these features are revealed with special force. I can confirm my point of view with an example from the literature.

In the work of M. Sholokhov “The Fate of Man” describes the life story of Andrei Sokolov. Through many tests the hero passed: he was wounded, he was taken prisoner, he lost his family. But he could overcome everything. I could not be embittered, not despair, I found the strength to live on and even adopted a little boy, saved him from certain death.

In addition, I will cite the heroes of the Great Patriotic War as an example. In unbearable conditions they fought for the freedom of their Motherland, for the peaceful life of the people. Many did not return from the war, they stopped the enemy at the cost of their own lives.

Thus, the Russian people are a great people. The inner beauty, consisting in the strength of the spirit, love for the Motherland, courage, is a distinctive feature of the national character.

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Composition on the theme of Russian character