Summary “Dinka says goodbye to her childhood” Oseeva

Several years have passed since the Arseniev family moved to Kiev. During this time, there were many events: Nikić died; Alexander Dmitrievich was arrested, having convicted him for ten years of solitary confinement in Samara, followed by a lifelong exile; With the outbreak of the First World War, Vasily, the groom of Mouse, went to the front; married a stranger to Arsenyev’s family and left for the Far East Alina; having graduated from high school with a gold medal, entered the University of Lenya; After seven classes at the gymnasium, Myshka graduated from nursing courses and got a job in a military hospital.

Passed to the eighth grade, Dinka and Mouse moved to the hamlet of the Arseniev family, beloved by Kiev. While the girls have to live alone: ​​Marina went to visit her husband, and Lena was given a party assignment.

On the farm with impatience waiting for his city girlfriend Fedork. People in the village are concerned about the situation at the front.

A friend of Fedorka’s childhood, Dmitro, allowed himself to live a solitary soldier who had lost his leg at the front. Fedorka worries that the soldier is carrying dangerous talks with Dmitro about the war. Dinka believes that the soldier speaks correctly: for whose land do soldiers lay their heads?

In the forest on the site of the old tavern there is a hut, in which once lived a forester with his daughter. Received the money for the felling of the forest, he prepared the money for his beautiful daughter’s dowry, which, contrary to the will of her father, married a poor shoemaker, Yakov, who played in village weddings on a violin. Soon the young son Yoska was born, and the forester assigned to leave money to his grandson for teaching. When the boy was in his fourth year, his mother died. Yakov, who was in the middle of a grief, playing violin, often switched to sad melodies or to his favorite waltz “On the hillside of Manchuria.” For this, people began to call him “malacholnym” and often expelled from the holiday for improper music.

Once Dinka, having gotten with Fedorka

to a village wedding, heard the musician’s play, near which stood the frightened Yoska. Suddenly, the musician moved from merry music to plaintive, the guests cried out, and the child, crying, began to ask his father to make him “cheerful gra, and expel him.” The girl’s heart contracted. She indignantly reprimanded her friend that Yakov had a huge talent, how people dare to insult him, seeing his grief and the crying boy?

Dinka finds out the terrible news: in the autumn the violinist was killed. The first rich people of the village, the brothers Matyushkina, having learned that Yakov has money left by his grandfather Yoska, hacked the musician with an ax. By that time, Jacob had hired the son of a tutor-student living nearby. When the boy returned home from school, he found a dying father who told him who the killers were. The student told the police, but soon he was found dead in the forest. The murderers were not found, as the Matyushkins bribed the police. Yoska village women were taken to the city to Yakov’s aunt, who soon died. Where Yoska is now – no one knows. There are rumors that he is running around with the tramps in the bazaar. In the forest now, too, no one goes: there at midnight the violin is played by the favorite waltz of the dead.

When I came to the farm in the fall, Lenya and Vasily found out about the terrible news, but the house owners decided not to tell her.

Dinka does not believe in superstition and goes to the forest, to the house of Yakov. In the smashed house she sees a portrait of Yoska’s mother. On it the girl swears to find the son of the deceased.

Fedorka tells Dinka about her grief: a rich widower is wooing her, and her mother makes her marry him, although she loves Dmytro. Dinka promises to help her friend to scare the groom.

The owner of the economy, near which the farm is located, the pan, greets Dinka with a friendly greeting. Seeing that she rides a horse without a saddle, he offers her a ladies’ saddle and riding lessons, from which Dinka refuses.

The girl learns his story. A young handsome young man was eager for village girls. He often arranged for a walk in the economy, and liked the girl took away for several days, bestowing her after that with good gifts and celebrating her wedding. But one day a pan brought to his house a village girl singing like a nightingale. He was going to take her abroad to teach music. Pan went to the city for tickets and passports, and the manager of the estate, his milk brother, whom the whole village hates, told the girl to go home, as the pan married and would come with a young wife. The girl ran to her mother in desperation, but she decided that, most likely, this is true: not equal to the poor servant of Pan. With grief the girl drowned. Yefim, who worked then at the Pan, heard the conversation between the manager and the drowned woman and told Pan the truth, but the rascal over the coffin of the girl swore, that this is a lie. Pan, who believed his dairy brother as himself, drove Yefim out of work. Since then, all the festivities have stopped, and the pan has never married.

At one of the city bazaars, Dinka gets acquainted with the leader of the tramps Gypsy. The teenager informs her that Yoska was killed. The girl resents Vasily and Lena, who did not tell her about the murder. Lena is no longer the same as before. He became an adult and looks at Dink as a child. The mouse also often takes the side of adults. The girl has one friend – neighbor Andrei.

Dinka wants to know what kind of mystery violin plays in the house of Jacob. At night, she goes to the forest. At midnight a melody of the familiar waltz is heard, but Dinka feels that it is not Yakov who plays it. Guessing that only Yoska could know his motives, she runs into the hut, but a brick falls on her head.

Waking up, Dinka sees next to him a Gypsy, Yoska and a long-time familiar tramp named Ear, whom she once saved from the women. Realizing that Dinka is their friend, the Gypsy warns her not to tell anyone about them, and the children decide to take revenge together with Matyushkin.

In one morning comes back from Lenya’s trip and Andrei comes. Dinka tells Andrei about Yoska. He promises to help Dinka and leaves without saying goodbye. Lenya is unhappy – he wanted to find out what was going on at the Arsenal factory, where Andrei and his father worked, connected with Marina with revolutionary work.

Upset Mouse starts talking about the mother. Since she left, there is no news. Dinka remembers that today Fedorka is married, and runs away to help her friend out.

Dinka tries to convince the groom that Fedorka is not his partner, but seeing that he is aggressive, pours a pot of sour cream onto him. Frightened Fedorku Dinka hides in the farm, and the mother of Fedorka tells that her daughter tried desperately to commit suicide. Appeared unexpectedly, Dmitro says that he has reached an agreement with the priest, and they will be married to Fedorka, despite the protest of the bride’s parents. The girl’s mother humiliated, seeing her daughter happy.

Mouse is outraged that her sister thinks about everything except the family. Also, she is unhappy that Andrew, a serious serious man, rushes to fulfill any of her whims. Dinka takes offense: Andrei is the only person she can trust. She recalls how once at a fair she looked at a young gypsy woman and decided to learn how to dance like that. She spent the whole night in a gypsy tent, and Andrei was always there. Meanwhile, the homespeople said to the police about the loss of children and ran all night through the fairgrounds. At home, Dink was given hot tea and put into bed, and his father, who had not said anything to Andrei, was badly beaten.

From Marina comes a long-awaited letter in which she reports on her father’s illness. Marina wants to be transferred to a prison hospital.

Lena is not happy with Andrei’s friendship with Dinka. Dinka Lenka, who is perplexed, recalls how once she was jealous of him to the girl who brought home forbidden literature to her, and drove her out. Then Lenya told Dinka that he needed only her. Having learned about Yoska, Lenya is terrified and promises to help Dinka.

Dinka is in deep thought: she loves Lenya, but she can not betray Andrei. Fedorka advises her friend to choose one.

Pan decides to sell his cows. The rural poor want to buy them in a fold, but the manager does not want to listen to them, he is going to sell the cows to the kulaks. Yefim asks Dink to talk with the man, since he will not listen to him.

Pan kindly accepts Dink, but the sale of cows is handled by his manager. The indignant Dinka tells Pan that the steward is a murderer, he knows the truth all the village and mother of the unfortunate. Sincerely loved the girl still can not calm down. He summons Yefim to his house, goes to the mother of the drowned woman and expels the steward, who will now live with the Matyushkin brothers of his wife.

Pan denies his fists and sells cows to peasants. He leaves abroad, before leaving, giving Dinka a ladies’ saddle. Angry Matyushkin Dinka points to a violin playing in the forest.

Andrei Dink, who has arrived, reports that he loves Lenya, and they can not meet again. Andrei leaves, but promises to return, if she calls him. To calm the frustrated Dink, Lenya offers to visit Yoska.

The boys joyfully greeted the guests. Lenya wondered if they did not steal. Gypsy tells that they live honestly, working on loading. Picked them up at the market, Yoska led them to the basement of a ruined house and took the floor not to steal, offering money left to him by his grandfather. In winter, they will move to the city to the mother of the murdered student, who treats them like relatives. The Gypsy asks to keep their secret, and offers help if you need to hide someone.

Return Marina brings with her forbidden literature. She reports that she received a letter from Alina, who left the unworthy person. Dinka and Lena solemnly announce to her about their engagement.

The angry fists take the bought cow from the peasants. The soldier who joined Dmitro, they are taken to the police, as a rebel, raising the people against the government. The peasants beat the soldier, and the Arsenievs hide him in the village.

The Arsenievs are waiting for the arrival of the railwayman, who must bring a typographic font for the issue of the newspaper. Lenya leaves on behalf of the party. Seeing him at the station, Dinka notices how a man descends from a train and meets with a local policeman. After sending the railwayman to the farm, Dinka tries to detain the fat, pretending that he took him for a relative, whom he had been waiting for for a long time.

Behind the scene observed Gypsy and Ear. Watching the bacon, they find out that a search is being made on the farm. The warned Arsenyevs send a soldier and a railwayman with forbidden literature to the forest. Yefim finally recognizes the mystery of the playing violin. The soldier, making friends with the guys, remains with them.

The search does not give the expected results. Since the inviolability of the farm is broken, the Arsenievs decide to return home. Before the departure of Dink and Gypsy, they are considering revenge by Matyushkin. Dressing up in a shroud, Dinka knocks on the window of the killers, warning about the payment. In the distance, the sounds of a violin can be heard. Frightened Matyushkins call the priest to consecrate the house, to which the alarmed people ran. Dink feels guilty, because people are so superstitious. She swears that this was her last mischief, and says goodbye to her childhood.

On the train, Dinka thinks that in the courtyard of the city apartment she can inadvertently meet Andrei.

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Summary “Dinka says goodbye to her childhood” Oseeva