Street of my childhood

All people in memories forever have a street where they spent their childhood. I always want to return here in a more mature age, I know this from my parents, who now and then lead me to other people’s places and long remember their gay childhood there.

I do not know if I will return to my street as often as my parents, because it will only be known after some time. But now I still live on the same street as 11 years ago, when I was born.

In my area, I know everything, because I try to spend all my free time in the fresh air with friends. There are a lot of children’s playgrounds on my street, where we still walk, running from one to the other in search of free swings and slides. There are a lot of children of different ages living on the street, so the grounds are always crowded, and especially it is noticeable on warm summer evenings, when after a recession of heat people choose to walk out of the rooms.

In summer and spring, I spend most of my time

with friends in the schoolyard, which is located just behind my house. There are many trees there, so it’s always cool in the heat. We like to climb along these tall and branchy trees, we even arranged a nice and cozy house on one of them. In the house we chat, eat sweets and play different games. Everyone says that girls do not climb trees – nothing like this, sometimes it’s very interesting for us!

My street is very green, because in addition to a huge number of trees, a lot of bushes and flowers grow here. In spring and summer, there is a fragrant smell of blossom here that you do not want to leave the street.

But in winter all these trees are covered with fluffy snow, which now and then falls in the bosom, if one of the friends jokingly pulls the branch. There is a hill in the street, which is flooded with water in the winter, to drive it was even more interesting. Of course, all the children gather at this time of year exactly there, because there is nothing more fun than riding many, many times from this hill on sleds, plastic plates and on skis, and then quickly run home to bask and rest.

In autumn the street is buried in golden and crimson leaves. I like to wander around them and gaily rustle, collecting the most beautiful leaves of maples in a bouquet for my mother.

Say what you like, but my street is good at any time of the year and in any weather, because it’s my favorite!

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Street of my childhood