I do not want my mother to grow old

Their smile – happiness is a good messenger, a
solo of their tears and bitter…
And they are sung not accidentally in songs
Father’s house and mother’s hand.
V. Sosyura

In front of me is a photograph. She is a young girl. Lush hair, wide eyes. Turning the head, the whole posture expresses enthusiasm, a desire to say something. Obviously, an interesting conversation was interrupted or she saw something significant. I want to repeat the poetic: “Stop, moment, you are fine!” – because in the photo my mother. She is 18 years old, she is a student of the construction institute, and I am not yet in this world. A few years later, a dream come true: my mother became an architect. And then I was born. And in many pictures now we are the whole family, together with my mother, I’m alone. The pictures reflect the running time. Moments develop in the years when we all go through the science of great Mother Love.


and irresistibly fly moments – already the eighth grade. All these years, every day, every day I felt my mother’s care, her readiness to understand, forgive, come to the rescue. I know how disappointed it is for my failures, what joy brings success. She wants me to have a solid knowledge and that they become for me not just a sum of information, but taught to think. Mom tries to connect me to art and culture. For her architecture is not only a means of earning, it is her joy, passion, “frozen music”. Mom would very much like to see me as an architect too, but I have not decided this issue for myself yet. In the meantime, she works hard to give me a good education.

Do we wonder why all the basic symbols of life are represented in the image of a woman? Justice, justice – a woman with scales, Wisdom – Athena, Victory – Nick. In my mind, my mother is Nika, who defeated conservatism, inertia, her own doubts and hesitations. She found the strength to fight for a decent life, not parting with her favorite business, not breaking with the chosen profession.


not everyone in the family can help in all or almost all subjects, and my mother can: and solve a difficult example in algebra, and in the geometric theorem will understand, and how the artistic seam to perform knows. So, she and I have Nick and Athena.

This year there was a meeting of my mother’s classmates. Throwing off the weight of the years, they gathered in their own audience. “Stop, moment…”, because they came to meet their youth. In the opinion of fellow students, my mother looks younger than everyone. But on weekdays, when she comes home late from work, I see fatigue and sadness in her eyes. And I so want her to smile! Her smile I need today, tomorrow, always… I remember the words Nikolenka Irteneva, dearly loved his “maman”: “If in the difficult moments of my life, I could even see a glimpse of that smile, I would not know what a mountain.”

Childhood is the happiest time. And it will last the longer the longer the young mother. I do not want her to grow old. “Let there always be sun, let there always be heaven, let there always be a mother…” Then I will always be.

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I do not want my mother to grow old