How I helped my mother

By father’s birthday, I offered my mother to cook something special, something he had never tried. Mom gladly agreed, and we began to leaf through the cookbooks with different recipes. There was so much tasty, that we could not stop at all on the concrete. Suddenly, my mother, putting off the book, remembered the recipe of some wonderful dessert, about which her friends told her.

For dessert, we needed bananas, sour cream, honey, cocoa, raisins and nuts. We went to the market and bought all the necessary products. And then the most interesting thing began.

Mom took out a large flat dish and went over raisins – threw out the garbage and tore the tails. In the meantime, I cut bananas with thin circles and a layer of 1.5-2 cm laid them on a dish. Then my mother sprinkled bananas with raisins and nuts, dripped honey in different places and covered with a thin net of sour cream. From above, we all poured cocoa.

After that we several times laid out the layers in the same sequence: bananas, raisins and nuts, honey, sour cream, cocoa. At the end of the cooking, we got a great appetizing hill, covered with a thin layer of sour cream and sprinkled with cocoa. Mom suggested to decorate this miracle with strips of thinly sliced ​​dried apricots.

Before the pope arrived, our banana cake stood for about an hour in the refrigerator and managed to soak up during this time. Dad was delighted with our masterpiece! Now banana dessert is a specialty of our family.

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How I helped my mother