A letter to my mother from my son

There will come a day when I grow old – and then show patience and try to understand me.

If I get dirty with food, if I can not get dressed without your help, be patient. Remember how many hours I spent when I taught you this.

If, when talking to you, I’ll repeat the same thing a thousand times – do not interrupt, listen to me. When you were a child, I had to read you the same fairy tale a thousand times to make you fall asleep.

When you see that I do not understand anything in new technologies – give me time and do not look at me with a mocking smile.

I taught you so much: how to eat properly, how to dress nicely, how to deal with life’s misfortunes.

If at some point I forget something or lose the thread of our conversation – give me time to remember. And if I do not, do not worry. After all, the most important thing: not what I say, but what I can be with you, that you listen to me.

If suddenly I lose my appetite, do not make me eat. I myself know when I should eat, and when I do not.

If tired legs refuse to serve as a support, give me your hand, as I gave you mine when you took your first steps.

And if one day I tell you that I do not want to live anymore, that I want to die, do not be angry with me. Someday you will understand me.

Seeing my old age, do not be sad, do not be angry, do not feel powerless. You have to be near me, try to understand me and help me – how I helped you when you first started your life.

Help me move on, help me finish my journey with love and patience. For this I will reward you with my smile and boundless love that never faded.

I love you, my dear son!

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A letter to my mother from my son