The second mother

I have a dog Alice and a cat Daria. Each of them has its own character and habits, and it is very interesting to observe the relationships between animals.

This summer, our cat gave birth to five kittens. She was a very caring mother: she licked her cubs, fed them, brought them up. Alice was very curious about what was happening in the box, where from time to time she heard subtle peppering, strangely smelled and where her friend Daria was constantly disappearing. The dog often came to the box with the kittens, sat next to it and observed the life of the little ones from above. Kittens, she did not touch, so the cat did not drive her away.

As time went by, the little ones opened their eyes, they grew up and began to get out of the box, in which they were already cramped. The cat Darya carefully watched that nothing happened to them, because her children were very curious and always found themselves where no one expected to see them.

When the kittens began to get

out of the box and run around the room, Alice was very frightened for them. She barked anxiously when another kid ran away from his home, and tried to get him back with his nose.

Suddenly the cat cooled to grown kittens. She stopped following them and only occasionally returned to feed them. We began to feed the kids with milk, cottage cheese, semolina, but they still missed Mama and cried loudly. What happened to Alice is difficult to describe. She carefully collected the kittens in a box, perched herself on top and, as best she could, began to console them. The kittens gradually calmed down and fell asleep, buried in warm wool, and Alice was sitting, uncomfortably clawing her legs and stretching her neck. For her in the box was very little space.

So our dog became the second mom for kittens. They recognized her and rejoiced no less than her own mother-cat.

When we distributed the grown up kittens, Alisa long experienced, searched for them. And the cat did not even notice anything.

That’s what different mothers come from animals.

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The second mother