Summary “The elderly mother” Andersen

Mom was going to drink a cold with a cup of tea. An old man looked in, and always had a fairy tale ready for him. When a fairy tale came to the old man suddenly, branches of an elder stood out from under the lid of the kettle, and from them a tender old woman smiled – the Buzina Mother (Dryad).

The old man told about the elderly bush in the corner of the courtyard in Novaya Slobodka, under which the old sailor and his wife remember the youth. When the boy objected that it was not a fairy tale, Mother answered that the fairy tale would begin now, for indeed the most wonderful fairy tales were growing out of reality. She took the boy by the hand and they found themselves in the arbor, and Mother turned into a pretty girl.

Sitting on a cane with a horse’s head, the children played on the lawn, then in a garden grown from a flower from a girl’s wreath, flew over Denmark at all seasons. The boy became a young man, a sailor, but he carried a flower with a girl’s gift.

After many years he was sitting with his old wife in an elderly garden, and the Buzina mother took out two flowers from her wreath and laid them on their heads like crowns, and she also called her real name – Remembrance. She nodded affectionately to the old men, and they sat in gold crowns, their eyes closed, and… The boy was lying in bed, and the old man was about to leave.

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Summary “The elderly mother” Andersen