The problem of education

The problem of education

In what way is good manners manifested? The answer to this question is the main idea of ​​the article by Z. Paperny: true upbringing is not so much impeccability of manners, as attention to others. The author explains that “the denser the ring of people., The more attentive and cautious” should be a person. The author’s reasoning is based on personal observations.

The very title of the article (“Alone with the crowd”) Z. Paperny intrigues the reader, using a combination of words that are not compatible in meaning (oxymoron). The author emphasizes this by loneliness, alienation of people in the crowd from each other, which is strengthened by the reception of gradation in the second sentence. In the narrative part we have before us a number of pictures of the usual behavior of “man-2003”. The author is as reticent as possible and does not give direct estimates. They only manifest themselves in the words of the colloquial style (“it is good” to knock in place of “strongly”), emotional vocabulary (slip through, heroic movement.) It is amazing to compare the convulsively coming out of the crowd doors with the day before yesterday’s curdled milk flowing from the bottle.

The urgency, the brightness of the language, the emotional tension of the text, the incentive proposals – all these are characteristics of the journalistic style of speech. So, where is she, being educated in our time?

Sometimes you hear: here in the village there is still here and there a truly kind attitude towards people. But after all there everyone knows each other! Is it possible to be polite to everyone in a city whose population is several million people? Each of us has to answer this question daily, as soon as we cross the threshold of our own house. We find ourselves in the harsh conditions of a large city, which is primarily indifferent to its inhabitants. The multifaceted monotony of the mass of the people is the portrait of the crowd. I can not fully agree with Z. Paperny.

The crowd operates its own laws, which manifest themselves regardless of the upbringing and even the will of one person. It has long been noted by psychologists, for example, that it is easier to help the fallen on ice, the less around people. There is everyone and so-called “personal zone”, which is disturbed only by the close presence of strangers: in this case there is a state of discomfort and stress. In such conditions, people tend to one thing – to “close” from the heavy influence of the crowd. What kind of politeness can we say in this case? In my opinion, in the situation of “a person in conditions of crowded people”, speech should not be about being educated, but about preserving human dignity. It should, apparently, give yourself an attitude not to behave in a human way even in a critical situation.

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The problem of education